Friday, 17 August 2012

Sixty Sixth Friday Flash: Fire Awakening

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“I can't believe it, so you bribed the receptionist?”

“If you call chocolates and flowers bribery... then yes.”

“Oh, I thought you had your eye on me?” said Phoebe with a raised eyebrow.

“The kind lady behind the desk is old enough to be my mother and you know it.”

“Maybe so, but love can spring up anywhere.”

“Granted,” said Tony with a smile. “Been having a bit of trouble getting back into your stride again?”

Phoebe brought her hot coffee cup to her chest to warm herself up, “Yes, not easy, plus I think the coma has broken me.”

Tony frowned. “How so?”

“Weird dreams and things happening when I blackout.”

“That's why I wanted to see you, I've been thinking about the whole thing, with the doctor and nurses, all burnt to death, plus how I saw you when we first met, with that fire costume. Somehow it's all connected.”

“You seem so confident?”

“Maybe I'm crazy,” said Tony looking away.

“No, I think I'm the one who is crazy.”

“Not at all,” said Tony, moving forward as if to comfort her.

“So, what are you going to do now? Turn me in?”

“Far from it, besides, what evidence is there to connect you with any of it?”

“I'm still questioning if all of this is real.”

“Maybe we can learn how to control it.”


Tony laughed. “Do you think you will be able convince someone else to help you?”

“Don't need help.” Phoebe crossed her arms.

“Didn't seem like that a little while back, that was no simple nightmare.”

“Possibly, but what can be done?”


“Oh, super. A convenient store clerk is going to teach me how to channel my Chi.”

“Hey, I have doctorate in philosophy.”

“Alright, alright, then what?”

“Then maybe you can control the power, use it for good.”

“How do you know I'm not the next super villain in waiting?”

“I checked up on that doctor and nurses, not the best people.”

Phoebe smiled, “Such enthusiasm.”

“Ah, such a beautiful smile.”

“Buster,” she said staring him down. “Let's focus, ready to get started?”



“That's it, that's it, I can see you.”

“How clearly?” asked River Fire.

“Clear enough, your costume is so tight fitting,” said Tony forward and looking her up and down.

River Fire vanished again. “Thanks, a lot!” said Phoebe from his side. Looking up from her crossed leg situation.

“Still very good progress, and can't believe it, you can actually manifest an ethereal being outside yourself.”

“We should work on the fire next, I want to be able to control it more and not rely on my emotions.”

“Maybe tomorrow, you've been working hard this week, I've never met much an avid student.”

“I don't know, that coma guy is regaining his power, I saw him yesterday, I think he's planning another attack.”

“Only in your dreams, he can't manifest himself like you can.”

“Still very scary though.”

“If he does just remember the escape tricks I taught you.”

“I will, once we're ready, what happens next?”

“We go bring some justice to the world.”

“Oh, goodie, can't wait,” said Phoebe sighing and collapsing onto her pillow.  


  1. I really need to go back and read the other parts as this was great fun, Craig!

    1. Thanks Jack! Was an intermission piece to hopefully clear things up a bit about the character's abilities.

  2. Ah she's learning to control her powers, exciting! No telling what she could do....

    1. Exactly! Glad you're still enjoying this series, Richard!

  3. I like that she wants to learn to control her powers - maybe she is really turning into a super heroin!

    1. Thanks, Helen! I think it's a very real possibility.

  4. Hi Craig - enjoyed this - a human super hero - in training. reminded me of Hero and I'm off now to read the preceding parts that I missed during my summer hiatus..

    1. Thank you, Brinda! Hope enjoyed the other parts too and had a great summer break!

  5. Yup, that's what's needed now, control, Phoebe'll never reach full super-hero status without it. :)

    1. Exactly, Steve! Hope you're enjoying your holiday?

    2. Hi again Craig, we got back home on Saturday, and yes we had a brilliant time, thank you. Even the weather was very kind to us. :)

  6. Now the big fun begins! Can't wait to see how badass Phoebe will become!

    1. Very bad ass, but there may be a few stumbles before she gets there.