Friday, 26 June 2009

The Red Stone half price!

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Cape Town Book Fair

Here is another couple of pics from the Cape Town Book Fair. A pic of the Macmillan Stand all nice and neat and one of me in front of the stand scaring away the potential customers. There is also a pic of the speakers of the presentation, they did a great job and it was very interesting finding out about the project as a whole. The staff of Macmillan did an awesome job setting up the stand, preparing for the event and looking after us authors.

The Empty Macmillan Stand looking all spiffy and cool

Myself scaring away the public :p

Michael Britton (playwright), Kimstories and Teri Welsh (autobiography writer)
then in the front row we have:
Dr Ann Smith (contributor to Teaching and HIV & AIDS) Sweetness Buthelezi (Themba Interactive - a drama group), Ann Wlaton (playwright and author), Prof Claudia Mitchell (academic editor and major contributor to Teaching and HIV & AIDS) (Prof Mitchell is the real hot shot)

The nest post I'm going to tell you all more about the book that I went to the show for "It's your choice: The Perfect Choice and other stories"

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Win a copy of The Red Stone!!

Hi all,

Sorry for being so quiet.
The Red Stone is going very in regards to sales and I thought I would give away the chance to win a copy of the book:

If you're on Facebook. Go here and enter the competition, it is very easy

Will post more soon!