Friday, 21 October 2011

Twenty-Fifth Friday Flash: The Red Carpet

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Morsai exited her limo. Flashing lights exploded all around her. Her chauffeur and bodyguard Gerald helped her to her feet. She felt nervous and excited. All these people were there to see her on her big night, the première of her first movie “Dying on the inside”, a biopic about her rise from banishment from her people to stardom in the human world.

“What does it feel like to be the first elf to star in a major movie?” shouted one of the reporters over the din.

“Great, thank you.” But her voice was soft and she doubted if anyone heard.

The police were having a hard time keeping everyone off the red carpet. Even though it had been fifteen years since her banishment she still felt awkward around so many humans.

When they were about halfway up to the theater a lot of loud shouting broke out. Gerald took her arm and pulled her faster towards the theater, frightened, Morsai looked down and followed as quickly as she could in her tight fitting dress.

She was suddenly jerked back. Gerald was on the floor. A dagger sticking out of his chest.


Before she could crouch next to him someone grabbed her forcefully.

“Thought you could get away with this did you? Make fools of our people?”

There was no mistaking his voice. “Husband?”

“Shut up traitor. You abandoned us. Our family. Everyone.”

The police had surrounded them, but no one made a move. The tall and black clad elf was holding a knife to Morsai's throat.

“I had no choice. I couldn't live by those ways anymore. It was killing me.”

“It's too late for words.” He brought the knife in closer.

“Please don't!”

A few shots were fired. The elf collapsed. Morsai hugged herself. People came in to comfort her. She pushed them away.

“Fools! Don't you know this means war?”

She looked down at the elf prince. Even though the mad old king had more offspring than he could remember he would not let one of them die unavenged.


  1. An interesting fantasy story, weaving elf and human in a very different way. There's more to this story methinks.
    Adam B @revhappiness

  2. Thanks for sharing this one. I like the premise. It was a nice lunch break read. Nice one.

  3. Nice story!! It begs for a novel!!

  4. Really enjoyed this one. Felt like there was a lot of depth to the back story, and you handled the action well.

  5. The banishment adds a nice twist and I like how the theme covers the difficulties of different cultures.

  6. I liked this. You dropped a lot of info in very deftly. Is this really just a one off?

  7. Intriguing! The banishment, a new film starring an elf, and now a dead elf prince. Sounds like the beginning to something big to me.

  8. @Adam B It seems to be a theme I've latched on to lately, a blend of fantasy and real world. They are fun to write. And you are right, room for more.

    @Jason Thanks! Glad I could provide an entertaining tale.

    @Helmy Thanks! It's a possibility!

    @Icy Thanks! And you're right, I think Morsai has a lot more to say.

    @Aidan Thanks! And I thought for a change I would make humans more accepting, as unlikely that might be.

    @Peter Thank you! I think I may return to this story line in future friday flashes.

    @Chuck Thank you Chuck! I think Epic Urban Fantasy has a nice ring to it...

  9. I must echo some of the other comments, this feels like the start of something bigger, with a start like this it could become MUCH bigger. Do I see epic LOTR style battles on the horizon?