Friday, 27 July 2012

Sixty Fourth Friday Flash: Fire Rain

Part 1Part 2 and Part 3

Image Source: Fire Rain by Srio 

The news that she had flat-lined during the operation to save her life from the nasty abdominal wound shocked her. A full two minutes and forty five seconds. They said she might experience blackouts and memory loss. It depressed her at first, but she was a fighter, and besides she was allowed to walk around the hospital unaided. It was a small step, but she felt she had gained a bit of independence again.

Phoebe walked over to the maternity ward. Seeing all those newborn babies always cheered her up when she had worked as a nurse. Her stitches were paining her and the baby viewing room was just around the corner, but she had felt dizzy and had to take a break. She stumbled, but managed to prop herself up against the wall before tipping over. Steadying herself and trying to clear her head she closed her eyes and breathed in and out deeply. That was when she heard the voices. Despicable voices.

“You say it matches their criteria?”

“Perfectly, green eyes and blond hair.”

“And the parents?”

“They don't suspect a thing, showed them the stillborn from earlier. The crazy woman shouted saying it wasn't her baby.”


“Everyone said it was the stress of losing one so close.”

“Be sure to prescribe her enough drugs to keep her drowsy for a few weeks.”

“No problem. Half shares, right?”

“Yes, sixty five grand each.”

“Mama needs a new pair of shoes.”

“Oh yes, Barbados here I come.”

They both laughed and one of the nurses exited the supply closet a few moments later. Phoebe did her best to pretend that she heard nothing. The nurse didn't seem to notice her presence.

What had the world come to? Doctors taking advantage of nurses and now nurses selling babies. She had been out trying to make the world a better place when the bad guys were right under her nose the whole time. She felt more stressed than ever. The dizziness got worse and she collapsed.


“Hey! What are you doing here? Why are you dressed like a freak?”

Phoebe looked down at herself. Through her red tinted vision she could see she was back in her River Fire costume. She was feeling better than ever.

“It's time for justice.”

The nurse ran away. Just by using her mind alone Phoebe found herself appearing in front the frightened nurse. The other, older nurse, came bursting out of the supply closet at the younger nurse's shriek. They collided into each other.

“Your wicked ways are done.”

“No!” They shouted in unison as River Fire raised her hands to the ceiling and a rain of fire came down on human traffickers. She watched in grim satisfaction as they burned before her.


“Phoebe! Phoebe! Are you okay?” asked Tony.

Her eyes blinked open. There was stench of burnt flesh and hair in the air. “I think so. What happened?”

“They're saying spontaneous human combustion.”

Phoebe coughed. They were surrounded by nurses, doctors and police. “There seems to be a lot of that going around.”

“Sure seems that way,” he said with a raised eyebrow.

She wondered if he knew. A moment later a baby started crying.

“Who's that?” asked Phoebe. 

“A baby boy, found him in the supply closet. He has the most amazing green eyes.”

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Sixty Third Friday Flash: Shark Knight Rises

Image Source: Doodle of Boredom

 Ding dong.

Bruise grunted, took off his earphones and got up from his easy chair. Who could be at the door? He was supposed to be in the middle of nowhere where no one could find him. Did he even own a doorbell? Bruise snatched open the door.

It was a juvenile Yellow Fish with square rimmed glasses. “Hel...”

“What do you want?”

“Mr. Wane, we need your help.”

“Kid.” Bruise pointed a fin at the placard next to the door. It said “NO HELP WANTED OR GIVEN.”

“But... but it's serious, the hammerheads, they're tearing up the city.”

Bruise shrugged. “Not my problem anymore. Good day to you, sir.”

“Wait, the leader, Johnny, he says you're a deadbeat loser.”

Bruise growled. His row upon rows of teeth grinding together. “I thought I killed him.”

“He survived and he's back, stronger than ever.”

“Still, I have no ride.”

The kid put his fin in his mouth and whistled. A black seahorse came swimming over.

“Manticore? I set him loose.” Bruise went over and patted his old friend.

“He's been hanging over by your old lair for years.”

“What do you say Manty? Ready for one last adventure?”

Manty raised his head and neighed. “Okay, kid show the way.”



“Stop laughing,” said Bruise spitting out a tooth.

“You've grown weak, Wane.”

The hammerheads were all around him. Bruise was questioning his decision to come out of retirement. Would that violent end he was trying to avoid finally happen to him?

Johnny swaggered over, his scarred and pierced head bobbing side to side. Manticore snorted.

“Shut up you old nag.” Johnny slapped the aging horse.

Something snapped inside of Bruise. How dare the brute? Bruise gave his old friend a pat on the neck. “Stay here friend, I will sort them out.”

Bruise shot forward and whipped Johnny with his tale. Drawing blood. Bruise breathed it in. It reminded him of the bad old days. Not relenting for a second Bruise tore into the hammerhead gang until they was none left to challenge him. There were chunks torn out of him, a few more injuries to live with, but the punks had hopefully been taught a lesson.

Black and white Zebra Fish converged on the scene and apprehended the culprits. The old police commissioner tipped his hat. Bruise winked back.

“Come on old boy,” said Bruise. “It about time we went home.”

Friday, 13 July 2012

Sixty Second Friday Flash: Fire Flood

Phoebe sat up and gasped for air. She looked around, it was all white, she was in the hospital. Nothing new there, but as her brain slowly caught up with her surroundings she noticed she was in a bed and not tending one.

A hand reached out and took her arm. Phoebe flinched away.

“Phoebe! You're awake.”

The face looked familiar. “You were being mugged, right?”

Tony scratched the back of his head. “Yes, that was me.”

“Why are you here?”

“I... you saved me... I had to at least come and say thank you.”

Phoebe laid back again. “Oh, that's nice. Come to laugh at me too?”

“No, why would I?”

“The costume... and this is St. Trinity... you promised.”

“I... the paramedics would have none of it, this was the closest place, they said any longer and you wouldn't have made it.” Tony fidgeted in his chair. “I tried at least, I said you were on the way to a superhero comic convention.”

“Oh, thank you, now they will think I'm a geek.”

“Something wrong with that?”

Some firemen went past her ward. There was a stretcher with a body bag.

“No... hey, what happened?”

“I don't know all the details, but they say the doctor, a Doctor Jones I think, burnt to death in his office. One of the nurses just escaped with her life. It's a miracle the sprinklers were able to prevent it spreading.”

“Deserved it...” muttered Phoebe.

“What was that?”

“Nothing, so are you going to sit around all day or are you going to get me some water?”

Tony fumbled and dashed away. Phoebe smiled, maybe he would make a good sidekick. How long had she been out? Had she sleepwalked and started the fire? Or had she somehow acquired the power to mentally project herself and start fires? Or maybe she was still in the coma and none of this was real?  

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Defunct Magazines Articles: Yike Bike Fusion

If you're a city dweller you're most probably sick and tired of traffic and the daily commute, but don't worry things may be changing; powered personal transport seems to be on the rise. First there was the Segway, but have you ever seen anyone actually riding to work in one? I know, me neither. Yike Bike thinks they can gap the market. From it's stylish good looks to it's fold-up-able-design it's more versatile than the Segway.

With a big wheel at the front and the small at the back it's reminiscent of an antique penny farthing, the difference being you're not sitting behind the front wheel, but on top of it. It might sound strange but it's perfectly balanced, and quite maneuverable. With a 18kmh top speed you'll be whizzing to work in no time.
A couple of things concern me, with its strange riding style even if you've been riding it for years you're bound to get tons of stares. Fine if you're somewhat of exhibitionist, but if you're more of a private person I can image it could get quite bothersome. And if you're popping down to the shops will you be able to bring back the shopping with you? I can imagine balancing a steaming cup of coffee and steering would be quite tricky! Other than that it seems to be a fun way to get around and sure to make your day more fun and interesting.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Found this while rummaging in the storeroom: Siebe Gorman & Co Ltd Diver's Phone

Some information found on the Diving Heritage site:
Manufacture: Siebe Gorman & Co Ltd
Date of manufacture: 1930-1940
Type: 2 Diver
Case type: Mahogany with Gunmetal fittings
Description: The mahogany case is 17 inches wide and 12 inches deep and 10 inches high. The telephone unit is designed for 2 divers . The no 1 diver calls by a bell and the number 2 diver a buzzer. This allows the attendant to instantly know which diver is calling. By positioning a switch in the box the 2 divers can talk and hear one another. In order to call the attendant the diver presses on a chin button initiating the bell or buzzer. The system is powered by a series of dry cell batteries which are stored in the rear of the box.

Defunct Magazine Articles: Dyson Digital Slim Vacuum Cleaner

Now for something a little different.

About a year ago I found an ad to write for a local magazine. I won't go into detail why the magazine didn't work out, but it was fun and at least I can say it was something I tried out. Now that a year has passed I think it will be safe to post some of the articles I did for them here. They wanted me to put a positive spin on everything so please forgive me if I sound too much like an overzealous salesman trying to hock his wares.

Dyson Digital Slim Vacuum Cleaner

This one is for you domestic goddesses out there. With detachable long nose it can be used as a full length vacuum cleaner or a dust buster. It's also very light and nimble, and not prone to make you too tired. Made from carbon fibre it really is bringing space age technology to your living room.
With its tiny digital motor spinning five times faster than a Formula 1 engine it's guaranteed to suck up the most stubborn dust bunnies. Its trigger like handle makes it feel like you're handling a powerful weapon and not a cleaning device, which in my opinion is a good thing. Who knows it might even entice the man of your house to lend a helping hand. That's not all, with a one touch quick release device to empty the dirt it couldn't be easier to clean and maintain.
It also comes with a whole bunch of attachments that make the device very versatile, and being cordless it's great for cleaning out the car or a quick dash around the house when unexpected guests arrive. Bundled with it is a neat and tidy docking/charging station that holds the vacuum and all its accessories.
Overall, although it costs a bit more than your average cleaner, it will make up for the price by being fun, powerful and easy to use. And in today's fast paced life we can take all the shortcuts we can get. 

Friday, 6 July 2012

Sixty First Friday Flash: Fire Monsoon

Disney World: Hollywood Studios (MGM) (2008)

This is a follow up to last week's flash River Fire

There was a blur of lights, familiar voices, shouts, a very long beep, and a bright flash of light at the end. Followed by shocks of electric light like a thunderstorm in her brain which turned into slow rhythmic beats.

She felt a hand on her shoulder and she lifted her head. “Wake up sleepy head. Your shift is almost done, but at least show you're working.”

It was Grace the head nurse. She was strict with the others, but always nice to her. Phoebe felt her stomach. It was still intact. “Oh, sorry, yes.”

Pushing her self off the desk Phoebe got up and wandered shakily into the ward. Everything seemed extra bright. The last thing she remembered was being stabbed and a stranger helping her.

Using her hand to guide herself up the stairs she made her way to the doctor's office. Dr. Jones would be able to help. Just as she was about to knock on the door Nurse Maggie came busting out. Crying.


Maggie disappeared down the stairs.

Phoebe stood at the door. Dr. Jones was busy adjusting his clothes.

Phoebe's voice went deeper. “What did you do?”

“None of your concern, get back to work, Phoebe.”

“No,” said Phoebe stepping up and standing in front of the doctor. “I'm not moving until you tell me.”

Dr. Jones pushed her. Phoebe bumped into a filing cabinet. A box fell off the top and emptied it contents across the floor of the office. She couldn't believe her eyes. It was photo after photo of her fellow nurses in compromising positions. Often in very little clothes.

“You monster!”

She had never felt so warm. It was like she was on fire. She looked in the mirror on the wall. Somehow she was now in her River Fire costume.

“You will tell no one about this!” said Dr. Jones. “Or you will experience worse than Maggie just got.”

River Fire laughed. “That's what you think.”

“No! What is happening to you?”

“I'm your end.”

Dr. Jones pulled his arm back to strike.

River Fire grabbed him by the shirt. Suddenly flame engulfed him.


River Fire stepped away as he burnt to a crisp.