Thursday, 23 August 2012

Sixty Seventh Friday Flash: Phantom Footballer

Joshua Harmony (2005)

“I can't believe it, Barry Burma will be playing with us tonight.”

“Nah, it's not really him, it's a gimmick. A ghost.”

“Not just any ghost, a revived and holofied ghost. Hell, my shoulder is still smarting from yesterday's training session.”

“He's good, but it's kind of cheating isn't it? To have an all time great on our side?”

“Are you kidding me? The Rockets have Steve Stoner on their side. He can take on a freight train and win.”

“It's a good thing they only allow one holo player per team.”

“Exactly, my friend, so let's get out there and kick some ass. Maybe one day we will come back and get all the holofied babes.”

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  1. Ha! Great fun. There are a few United greats I'd love to see in action in the present day, but I suspect The Glazers would charge us through the roof for this!

  2. This sorta reminds me of Field of Dreams where the baseball players came back as ghosts. Fun! Hologram though could be a real asset to a team, no one would be able to touch him!

  3. Every progressing notion of this is cool, Craig. Thoroughly enjoyable super-short from the conceptual side. Made only funnier by just having read about the Slender game.

  4. Oh boy, once something like this gets started you just know that it's going to escalate, don't you?

    Great concept Craig.

  5. Fun concept. Do all the great holo players get to play together in the All-Star game?

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  7. Ah, sorry about that.

    A game with holo players that kick ass sounds so much fun! Nice idea there.

    I'm not certain why, but the story reminded me of a very, very old Scooby-Doo episode which I vaguely remember, but it had something about a ghost showing up at some american "football" game. Mind me not :D

    I very much enjoyed this piece Craig. It was nice and tidy and fun. I wish I could watch the game!

  8. This is what holo Tupac at Coachella leads to! What a fun read.

  9. Short but fun! Reminds me of a sci-fi story called "Vanilla Dunk" where NBA players all wore suits that gave them the moves of retired stars.

    I can imagine these holo/ghost players would have to be gathered up for the ultimate fantasy footsie match, at least one a year!