Friday, 8 July 2011

Twelfth Friday Flash: Endless War

*The story below was inspired by this photo.

** you can find part two Desolation here and part three Bear Necessities here

It was the seventeenth year of the war. The opposing armies were down to one battered and die hard squadron each. Amy, one of the grunts in the Kitty Power army had been laying low for most of the war. Coming in late when she was drafted and fighting only when she had to. It had kept her safe and under the radar until today. Her commander Sergeant Whiskers had a mission for her. Amy had the best functioning Kitty powered suit left. It was practically spotless compared to her fellow soldiers' machines. Some even had to resort to fighting without one. As much as Amy disliked using the suit, it made her feel safe. It turned her five foot something frame into a eight foot fighting machine with enough power to rip open a bus.

“Amy, get your ass here, right now!”

“Yes, sir!”

Amy rushed over and stared eye to eye with her commanding officer until she had to look away. He looked like a teenager; curly haired and a high pitched voice. In fact he had the body of a fifteen year old. He was a clone officer. Made in a test tube to fight in the endless war. Brought out when he was ten years old, because the breeding facility was soon to be over run and destroyed by the enemy. Somehow he survived to be the last remaining clone warrior.

“Look at me! I want you to see how serious I am about this mission.”

Amy took a breath and stared into his white souless eyes. It always creeped her out.

“Good, now listen to me carefully, under the cover of darkness I want you to venture out into the middle of the battlefield and when you reach the middle stop.”

“Stop, sir?”

Amy began to turn away, but her commander gripped her cheeks and bored into her eyes with his. “Yes, you're going to be the bait. You know they cant resist spare parts.”

“So I go out there, leave my suit and return?”

“No, no you have to stay to tell us when to strike. Don't worry we will be positioned all around you. They won't stand a chance.”

The sun was peaking over the scarred and smoking horizon. It wouldn't be long before the enemy's sentries spotted her. Her suit powered down, Amy laid as still as possible. They had to believe the suit was empty or she was dead inside. Just as she thought she should give up and head back an armoured face peered over at her.

“Ah, crap! They're here. Attack! Attack!”

But she needn’t have said a word. An energy bolt blasted the enemy's head right off. Hyper-ventilating, Amy powered up her suit and rolled away, falling into a ditch. It was several feet deep and Amy's bulky armour was trapped between the sides. She had to get out before she was blasted. She flailed and kicked. Explosions, shouts, and gun fire rung out above her. It sounded like both squads were going all out.

What seemed like an age later she managed to pull herself free. Huffing and puffing she scanned the area around her. They were dead. They were all dead. No life signs of her squad on her HUD and the enemy's squad were scattered all around her. Pulling off her helmet and taking in a deep breath she plopped down.

She was all alone. What should she do next?

She decided to head back to base. Maybe she would investigate that abandoned secret cloning facility she had heard about, but that could wait for tomorrow. She was tired, hungry and wanted nothing more than to have a meal and take a nap.


  1. The sole survivor of the war. Amy's a smart one.

    Hello Kitty stormtrooper indeed! LOL, loved this.

  2. Stuck in a ditch indeed, typical "Kitty". Stories inspired by pictures or art are some of my favorites.
    On an aside: I think you meant the horizon was scarred, not scared.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Haha, quite creative. And yupp, typical kitty wants to take a nap.
    Nice job, quite good and creative.

  4. The only survivor! Good for Amy. Good story. The ending made me smile!

  5. Nothing like a good meal and a nap no matter what kind of chaos we've endured.

  6. Beautifully inventive, easy to picture and horrifyingly imaginable. Amy is quite a character. Keep her tucked in safe for a future outing.

    Thanks for your visit and comments on my blog.

  7. Great picture for the prompt, it had me chuckling before I even got started. Amy's world could use a little less fighting so I think cloning herself won't be a bad thing at all.

    BTW, I thought your dialogue for the CO was spot-on.

  8. That's one clever kitty - smart gal!

    She deserved something nice to eat and a nap after all of that! :D

    Good story, great character - more adventures later I hope!

  9. War is Hell, even for hyper-cute kitties.

  10. As always, so creative and a joy to read! :) Thanks for this!

  11. i love how this story came from a picture and how is all tied in to the pictures look. i really liked the whole sole surviver thing it really made me think what was she going to do next. i'd be interested in seeing what happens next.

  12. Ha! That's a statue worth a story. Very cute work, Craig.

  13. These comments have really made my week. For a story that I didn't think was my best it did remarkably well!

    And you guys are right. I think Amy will be back for another adventure soon.

    Currently doing the rounds of reading your guys' latest stories. If I managed to miss you. Please just shout.

  14. Never underestimate Hello Kitty..she could win any's that steely storm-trooper gaze (and the stomach churning pink)..thanks for visiting and following..Jae

  15. Great picture:)

    I love when the clueless bait survives - good job!

  16. Craig: Good stuff. I am your newest follower. I also thank you for following my site as well. Please let me know if I can list some of your books in my free bookstore. I'll link everything back to this site. Thanks again. JJ

  17. A very inventive sci-fi piece, it has a certain amount of humour with it and an underlying darkness and harshness.

    I always liked the idea of exo-suits, ever since I saw Sigourney Weaver wielding one in Aliens.

  18. Really enjoyed this. I'd love to know what happens next.

  19. @Jaerose Hello Kitty is one non soluble cookie ;)

    Pleasure look forward to reading more of your stuff.

    @Anne Thank you. I think I was inspired a bit by Alan Moore's Halo Jones saga too.

    @JJ thanks JJ! I will check it out and send you some links etc if I can.

    @Steve Thank you. I'm glad I got the contrasts right.

    I agree. That scene will forever be etched in my brain.

    @Rebecca Thank you! I have a rough draft of Amy's next adventure done. Will most probably post this Friday or next.

  20. I'd put my money on the Hello Kitty army over the army of the Galactic Empire any day. They're cats, so they slink and creep noiselessly :)
    Adam B @revhappiness