Friday, 4 November 2011

Twenty-Seventh Friday Flash: Fight For Your Right

There was a protest march going on outside the court house. Putting on his special goggles so he could see his interviewee properly the reporter went over to meet one of the protestors.

“Good day, Mr. Johnson.”

Mr. Johnson nodded and smiled. “Good day.”

“Can you please tell us a bit more about your cause?”

“Well, we're sick and tired of being marginalized, we have just as much right as everyone else.”

“Many see your efforts as frivolous, that it doesn't really matter?”

“Bah humbug to them,” said Mr. Johnson blowing a raspberry. “The way I see it they're lucky to have us, society has taken a nose dive , and I believe that myself and the members of our party have what it takes to pull this country and maybe the world straight.”

“No one can deny that you have a lot of experience in this field, what do you hope to achieve today?”

“The right to take part in the presidential election of course. We're have to aim high if we are going to make any changes.”

Slogan filled placards danced behind Mr. Johnson, ranging from the bitter to the jovial: “I can't believe I'm not getting any royalties from Teddy Bears.” “Presidents need free cosmetic dentistry too.” “Give us the reins!” "You don't get more transparent than us!" and “I can has president?”

“A lofty goal indeed,” said the reporter. “And I understand you will be voting for a party leader tomorrow?”


“There are quite a few contenders for the spot?”

“Yes, Washington, Roosevelt and so on, too many horses if you ask me.”

“Who will you be backing?”

“Abe come here!”

A tall man in a black suit and top hat came over. He was carrying a placard that read: “I can has President?”

“How can you say no to this face?”

Abe Lincoln smiled. “I like the YouTube.”

“He's very umm... excitable?”

“Don't let his LOLcat addiction fool you, he can be a very serious man when he needs to be.”

“So there you have it folks, the Ghost Party, a gimmick or do they really have a shot at the presidency?”

* I wrote this earlier today so please point out any errors you might spot.
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  1. Really liked this piece. Had me guessing right up to the end, which doesn't happen often. And it holds up even better on the second read-through.

  2. Very good!

    I quite like this one. You write a lot more light hearted than I do :D

  3. Yes, I liked this piece too, although my lumbering brain needed the second read-through for the penny to drop completely.

  4. Now *that* was amusing! I know lots of people prefer their #FridayFlash to be dark reading, but I'm not one of them.

    Haha, "Mr. Johnson." I suppose the Ghost Party wants more transparency in government?

  5. @zc thank you and glad it didn't buckle under closer scrutiny!

    @graham Yours are quite dark, but they also have a good sense of humour to them. You should try a light hearted piece some time. They're fun.

    @Sam thanks, hopefully this a good thing!

    @FARfetched Thanks Larry! Same with me, I also prefer something a bit more up beat, but the darker ones can be great too!

    Haha Exactly! You've given me a good idea for another placard.

  6. "I can has president?" Love that placard. Do the ghosts really want this job right now? Have they seen the balance sheets?

  7. At first I presumed it was about the marginalization of giant cat people. That's a bias I assumed would spread quickly. It is amusing throughout.

  8. Yeah, I say get 'em in, with the state the world is in anything is worth a shot. :)

  9. It was only when you mentioned transparency that I grasped where you were going with it - like John, I was expecting cat people. The LOLcats-loving Lincoln was amusing.

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    I love the fiction pieces you post, which are imaginative, gripping and random.

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  11. This is really cute. Somehow I always pictured Lincoln as more of a dog lover than a cat person though. ;-)

  12. prewety blog!
    follow me? please :3
    love, poppy < 3

  13. This piece is really good. Thank you.