Thursday, 27 September 2012

Seventieth Friday Flash: A Whole Nest of Trouble

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Rimotar was going to be in trouble again. He could just imagine the look of disappointment on his mother's face. Just like when he forgot a sleeping toad in his robe and it leaped onto the dinner table and broke his grandmother's teapot. Father fixed it, but it was never the same after that.

Now he found himself covered in mud and peering over the edge of a cliff, staring down at a griffin's nest. There were three golden eggs glittering in the morning sunshine. Timing was important, their mother wouldn't be away for long.

The fact he had seen it hunting near his parents' cottage had given him the idea to inspect the nest. They were so tantalizing close. He just had to risk it. Going down Rimotar went from handhold to handhold. Using skill and patience he made his way down, a few minutes later he lowered his foot onto the branch. He tested his weight. It seemed alright.

Turning around he almost lost his balance when noticed how high up he was. Steadying himself and taking a deep breath Rimotar lowered himself down into a sitting position. Inching forward, he wished he had brought his backpack so he could lift all three.

He had to hurry, there was no telling how long their mother would be. The nest smelt horrible and made his eyes water. It was covered in bones, feathers and other remains. Holding his breath he put his hand on the closest egg. It was surprisingly warm. He lifted it up, it was a lot heavier than expected. He looked up at the steep slope, going back up wasn't going to be easy.

There was something moving in the egg. He had better go if he was going to make it back in one piece. Climbing was a lot harder with only one arm free, but his legs were strong and he made good progress. About halfway up heard a loud shriek behind him. The claws dug into his back and the egg slipped out from under his arm as he was pulled up. Luckily Rimotar was able to clamp on to the egg with his feet before it was dashed on the rocks below. He kicked up the egg and grabbed it with both hands, and held it tight against him. The warmth of it reminding him of his mother's embrace.

The griffin pulled him in closer as it glided around. His heart pounding and doing his best to ignore the searing pain Rimotar bit the griffin's lion like front paw. Rimotar, egg and all plummeted down towards the ravine below. In mid air he twisted until he was between the egg and the ground. At least the egg would be safe. His only thought was at least he would going out with a bang and not shackled to a desk like his old man.

A warm feeling flushed through him, like he had been placed in warm oven for a couple of minutes. He shut his eyes and waited for impact, but it never came, or not as bad as he thought it would be. Rimotar stopped an inch away from the floor for the briefest time before dropping the last inch The drop jolted and shook him, but he was still alive.

Was it finally confirmed? Did he really have magical abilities like he had expected? But there was no time to think about it, the griffin was barreling towards him. Scrambling, he hid under a rock. He had to push himself back more when the beast rushed at him and swiped at him with its massive paws. The rock wobbled dangerously, but try as it might it could not get close enough. Squawking angrily it retreated.

Rimotar shifted, trying to get into a more comfortable position. The griffin came rushing back, clawing and swiping with its massive paws. It caught Rimotar by the ankle and ripped up his shoe. It left again. Bleeding from two wounds and trapped he wondered how he would explain all this to his mom.
The egg began to crack.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Sixty Ninth Friday Flash: Golden Years

Being a veteran of the Elfwood war and the quest for the golden chalice Ogg was no stranger to danger. But these were supposed to be his golden years. Years of rest and relaxation. The young fire troll didn't seem to know that. The fur of the neck of the red furred fire troll was standing on end and she was crouched down like a cat. It had only been a matter of time before someone challenged him for leadership of the clan, but it was surprising that it was coming from a girl, especially his own daughter, Tumalta.

Short and fiery tempered she definitely took after her mother.

“Tumalta, have to do this?” asked Ogg just standing there, towering over his daughter, his green fur going gray in places.

“Shut up, dad, I'm sick and tired, when I become the leader no one will tell me what to do!” she shouted.

Ogg sighed.

Trolls of various kinds were gathered all around them. Things had become more interesting after the clans began to mingle more after the war.

“No daughter, too young.”

“I challenge you!”

There were gasps from the gathered crowd. Ogg shook his head. There was no turning back now.

Tumalta shrieked and charged forward and tackled Ogg around the midsection. Ogg was pushed back a few inches, but did not fall over. Seeing that she wasn't getting anywhere she pulled away and bashed him with her fists. Ogg gauged the crowd. A few were cracking smiles and some were on the verge of laughter.

Ogg pushed Tamalta as gently back as he could. They had wrestled a lot when she was younger, but it was different now, she was almost a lady. Enraged she charged back at him and punched him. Ogg doubled over. “Ouch!” It really was more painful than he thought it would be.

Taking advantage she bashed at him more. Raining blows on him. As much as he loved her, she was just not ready for such a leadership role. The tribe was at a tipping balance and they still needed him.

For a few minutes he let her get all her frustrations out. He remembered being the same at her age. So much anger. It was a part of being a troll.

Exhausted she stumbled back and collapsed into a sitting position.


“Yes, father.”

“Good,” he said helping her up. “Maybe next time.” He added with a wink.

She smiled weakly.

Creaking and aching all over, maybe she would really win next time.

*For those of you have read my books you might find Ogg familiar, but if not you can find out more about him and the books here The Red Stone and Zoolin Vale and the Chalice of Ringtar.