Friday, 27 July 2012

Sixty Fourth Friday Flash: Fire Rain

Part 1Part 2 and Part 3

Image Source: Fire Rain by Srio 

The news that she had flat-lined during the operation to save her life from the nasty abdominal wound shocked her. A full two minutes and forty five seconds. They said she might experience blackouts and memory loss. It depressed her at first, but she was a fighter, and besides she was allowed to walk around the hospital unaided. It was a small step, but she felt she had gained a bit of independence again.

Phoebe walked over to the maternity ward. Seeing all those newborn babies always cheered her up when she had worked as a nurse. Her stitches were paining her and the baby viewing room was just around the corner, but she had felt dizzy and had to take a break. She stumbled, but managed to prop herself up against the wall before tipping over. Steadying herself and trying to clear her head she closed her eyes and breathed in and out deeply. That was when she heard the voices. Despicable voices.

“You say it matches their criteria?”

“Perfectly, green eyes and blond hair.”

“And the parents?”

“They don't suspect a thing, showed them the stillborn from earlier. The crazy woman shouted saying it wasn't her baby.”


“Everyone said it was the stress of losing one so close.”

“Be sure to prescribe her enough drugs to keep her drowsy for a few weeks.”

“No problem. Half shares, right?”

“Yes, sixty five grand each.”

“Mama needs a new pair of shoes.”

“Oh yes, Barbados here I come.”

They both laughed and one of the nurses exited the supply closet a few moments later. Phoebe did her best to pretend that she heard nothing. The nurse didn't seem to notice her presence.

What had the world come to? Doctors taking advantage of nurses and now nurses selling babies. She had been out trying to make the world a better place when the bad guys were right under her nose the whole time. She felt more stressed than ever. The dizziness got worse and she collapsed.


“Hey! What are you doing here? Why are you dressed like a freak?”

Phoebe looked down at herself. Through her red tinted vision she could see she was back in her River Fire costume. She was feeling better than ever.

“It's time for justice.”

The nurse ran away. Just by using her mind alone Phoebe found herself appearing in front the frightened nurse. The other, older nurse, came bursting out of the supply closet at the younger nurse's shriek. They collided into each other.

“Your wicked ways are done.”

“No!” They shouted in unison as River Fire raised her hands to the ceiling and a rain of fire came down on human traffickers. She watched in grim satisfaction as they burned before her.


“Phoebe! Phoebe! Are you okay?” asked Tony.

Her eyes blinked open. There was stench of burnt flesh and hair in the air. “I think so. What happened?”

“They're saying spontaneous human combustion.”

Phoebe coughed. They were surrounded by nurses, doctors and police. “There seems to be a lot of that going around.”

“Sure seems that way,” he said with a raised eyebrow.

She wondered if he knew. A moment later a baby started crying.

“Who's that?” asked Phoebe. 

“A baby boy, found him in the supply closet. He has the most amazing green eyes.”


  1. Wow, this just keeps going! I'm starting to think River Fire is actually happening, but only when she blacks out. Fascinating.

    Who said what in the last two paragraphs?

  2. Wow seems she's a superhero just when she least expects it. Glad she saved the baby!

  3. Her superhero moments are quite interesting. Don't think I've ever read something like this. I wonder, are there two worlds, or a dream state, or... oh Craig you are making my brain go wild! I can't wait to see what comes next, but I sure know it looks promising.

  4. It would seem Phoebe is in the right place for crime fighting, what with all the sneaky illegal stuff going on in that hospital.