Friday, 31 August 2012

Sixty Eighth Friday Flash: Dragon Breath

Fire Breath (image source)

“Today we're reporting on another dragon fire outbreak. A hot summer coupled with dragon migration has resulted in record numbers of forest and house fires. Randy, is there anything that can be done about it?”

The dragonologist shrugged. His red and black uniform looking too warm for the heat of the day. “Dragons are Alsatian sized lizard type creatures that fly south for the winter. They're not used to the early onset of the season. Being prone to be bad tempered it's making them more likely to vent their anger by breathing fire.”

“What do you think of calls to declare open season on them?”

“Don't get my started on them. Besides being protected by the law dragons are majestic creatures and should be respected.”

“Any advice for our followers?”

“Yes, keep your distance and if you like you can download the dragon spotter app and report all sightings.”

“I hear it's quite popular.”

“Oh, it is. The more dragons you spot the higher you climb up the scoreboard.” Just then a flight of dragons went flying overhead. Roaring and flaming as they went by. “And one more thing. Make sure all small animals and children are indoors at all times during the migration season.”

“Very wise precaution indeed. We don't want a repeat of the Morning Rise creche snatchings of last year.”

“Oh, not at all. Not at all.”


  1. Wow, is there anything global warming *doesn't* affect?

    Heehee, nice one. I could see the newscasters cutting to a clandestine dragon hunting outfit next.

  2. That's the trouble with dragons...

    Lovely creatures, but a bit crotchety-prone. :)

  3. Very fun! I like how dragons have become a first world problem. And nice way to work in the different effects of migration on their behavior.

  4. There's an ap for EVERYTHING. :) Fun read.

  5. Ha! Awesome read Craig!
    I have to admit I would love to observe a dragon migration regardless of the danger. Maybe even download the app :)

  6. "Dragonologist" sounds like the best job! I very much enjoyed this.

  7. I liked the Drogonaoligist - it sounds spatacular ad dragon migration!

  8. Add this to the long list of critters I don't feel like getting up at 3:00 AM to hunt. Not only is at cold out, but I'll probably burn to death.