Friday, 11 November 2011

Twenty-Eighth Friday Flash: Clockwork Deputy

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Tobias panted. His clockwork opponent stood opposite him. It was strong, nimble and didn't get tired. It stood there with its baton and its revolver waiting for him to make a move. Tobias gripped his axe a little tighter. He had to stop it. His family was behind him locked up in their house, the house the sheriff had repossessed because their crops had failed and they couldn't pay their tithe, but there was no way Tobias was going down without a fight. The farm had been in his family for generations.

“Come on you rust bucket!”

“Tobias! We must go, it will kill us all,” said his wife from the front door, a large frying pan in her hand.

The clockwork deputy advanced. “You will surrender your property,” stated the mechanical voice.

“I will do no such thing, you demon.”

“He's so cool,” said Timmy pulling himself up and peering over the half door.

“Get back inside Timmy!”

“Just give in Toby, we can go move in with my mother...”

“Are you insane?” Tobias lost it, he lobbed his axe at the tin man. It missed. Screaming in rage Tobias ran and tackled the clockwork man. The deputy staggered a few paces back, but he did not lose his balance.

The man of the law took Tobias by the throat and lifted him off the ground.

“Please, please don't hurt him!” said the farmer's wife coming out and pleading.

The deputy dropped him, Tobias clutched his throat choking.

“You have ten minutes to vacate the property, all trespassers will be eliminated.”

“No!” croaked Tobias.

There was a loud clang. Tobias fell to the floor. “He's very stubborn,” said the farmer's wife shaking her head. “Come on Timmy help me get your dad into the wagon, we're going to visit grandma.”

“Yay grandma!”


  1. "Yay grandma!" I can just picture it.

  2. I was expecting it to turn out to be an action figure fight. I snorted for the closing "Yay grandma" - that was great, Craig.

  3. I`m not a writer, but I`m a very dedicated reader. I think you`re very talented. I hope you don`t mind if I repeat it very often :)

  4. Neat story! I like the blog as well;)

  5. Just goes to show, you need to know who has you back [or doesn't].

  6. Oops that should be grandma not gradma ^__^ I have a cat on my lap that's my excuse....

  7. You should never underestimate our clockwork friends.

  8. Poor guy, trying to defend his home. Now he's going to have to live with his mother-in-law? That's going to leave even more of a mark than the frying pan over the head!

  9. What a twist.."Yay grandma" Very cool. Thanks for visiting my blog, i am glad to have discovered your's too. :)

  10. Yah grandma was great! LOL Poor guy, getting tossed out of his home by a robot.

  11. This was awesome! It is so freaking hard to put so much into so few words.

  12. A clockwork deputy?! How creepy is that? Love the excerpt. Your writing is very dynamic. Is this part of your novel?