Friday, 29 June 2012

Sixtieth Friday Flash: River Fire

River Fire by Irena Lazovska (Copyright 2012)

River Fire was tired, she sat on her haunches on the top of a tower in the middle of the city, her mobile police scanner scanning for trouble. Her shift at St. Trinity Hospital as a nurse had really taken it out of her, but she promised herself just one more hour of vigilance before calling it a night. She would most probably be the laughing stock of the hospital if they knew she did this. 


Tony was walking from work. It had been a long shift at the convenience store and he was looking forward to getting home and having a nice long shower. A shower to wash away all the mental and physical muck of the day.

“Give us your money, punk!” hissed a man in his late fifties. There were another four or five about the same age crowding around Tony.

“What is this? The geriatric gang?”

“Laugh it up bub and I will cut you,” the old man produced a large serrated steak knife.

“Take it easy! All I have is a credit card.”

“Alright, we're going to go draw some money.”

“You know what, screw you, I earned this money, go get your own.”

The man swiped away with the knife and sliced Tony's arm.

“Ouch! Okay, okay... there's an ATM down the street.”

After a few paces something red dropped in front of them. In the darkness of the night it was like a fiery angel descending from the heavens. She was all red Lycra, curves and a heart shaped face. Her red eyes gazed at them.

“Looks like the midnight entertainment has arrived boys,” said the man with a knife.

“In your dreams,” said the lady with a husky voice.

Tony didn't know whether to laugh. What was this? Amateur hour?

“Get out of the way dame, we got a payday coming our way.”

“Not tonight,” she said, moving in, punching and kicking one of the guys to the ground. The knife guy let go of Tony and went for the caped girl, Tony tried to stop but he was too slow, he sliced her across the midsection.


“You fool,” shouted another of group. “We didn't sign up for this.”

“Run boys!” The old men hobbled and limped down the road.

Tony went over and gathered her in his arms. “Are you okay?”

“So much blood lost.”

“I would have been okay, you didn't have to risk your life like that.”

“It was my duty, just do me one favour.”


“Make sure I don't go to St. Trinity Hospital?”

Tony found the request odd, but he would honour it.  


  1. A superhero that isn't! I'm still working on my #FridayFlash, and it's also an unlikely superhero.

    Yeah, don't mess with old guys. They don't have the patience or stamina for a long drawn-out battle. They'll cut you down & walk away…

    1. Looking forward to it Larry!

      Exactly! They certainly don't mess around.

  2. Based on the image leading in, I imagined River Fire was a vengeful figure who was going to roast them all alive. At least there's medical attention?

    1. I think that may have been a more exciting ending! The emergency services are on the way. I suspect maybe she will learn from the encounter and be more prepared next time.

  3. I guess the treatment at St. Trinity is not very good then? Or is she just afraid of her cover getting blown? :)

    1. Thanks Steve! I think more of the second one...

  4. Bother, a superhero who isn't super, but it makes for an interesting philosophical question as to why we want to be/or have superheroes in our lives.
    Adam B @revhappiness

    1. Thank you Adam! That's what I wanted to touch on. Even though it's a silly idea I think we all like to think that super heros just might be possible.

  5. Oh I never expected that ending, I thought she was a super heroine but alas she was cut down before she'd really got started. Least she could tell him what to do to help save her life. ^_^

  6. I think she may learn from the experience and become stronger :).

  7. Fifty really isn't that old, especially if you're armed an in a gang.

  8. Kick-Ass bounced back from his first (calamitous) crime-fighting encounter, why can't she? :-)

  9. I loved the tone of this piece throughout, a touch of humor in every step of the action and a superhero about whom I'd like to hear a lot more.

  10. This superhero dame has more to her than meets the eye methinks.

    And I bet she would have never thought a man in his late fifties would be her crucial attacker.

    Reading on to the next part Craig!