Thursday, 31 October 2013

Eighty First Friday Flash: Bump

 Ruza was filing away some dusty files, she was an intern, what else would she be doing?

“Boo!” said Bob, her fellow intern behind her.

Startled, Ruza smacked her head on a cabinet draw. She saw a whole sprinkling of stars before the whole world came back into view.


“Oh, Ruza! Did you hurt yourself?”

Ruza turned and growled at him. “Damn right I did!”

Bob looked ashamed with his large eyes, fuzzy cheeks and button nose. Wait, something wasn't right. Ruza laughed.

“What is it?”

“You look like a panda bear!”

Bob's frown deepened. “Maybe you should see a doctor?”

“Nah, I'm sure it's nothing,” said Ruza.

“Go have a break, I will finish here.”

Rubbing her head Ruza went to the coffee room. A bright pink flamingo was standing on one leg drinking a latte and nibbling on a doughnut.

Ruza giggled. Maybe she did have a concussion or something after all.

“Don't look at me that way! I used low fat milk.”

That confirmed it, it had to be Angela from reception she was always concerned about her appearance. This was too much fun, she had to go see what the others looked like. Bill from accounting was a mole with thick glasses. Busy body Beatrice was a bumble bee. And showoff Ted from marketing was a peacock.

They all looked at her as if she was high on glue.

She only had one more person to see, Catherine her boss. Ruza burst into the main office. She had to see before the affect wore off.

Ruza laughed louder than ever before. She was right! Her boss was an old and hairy shrew! The giant shrew in a business suit squealed.

Moments later Adam the wild boar from security hauled her away towards the elevator. A confused Bob tagged along saying they must get her to the hospital.

Ruza looked at herself in the mirror of the elevator. She was a penguin.

Ruza liked penguins.