Friday, 4 March 2011

My Fourth Friday Flash Horse Serum/Tiger Blood

Hi all,

Here's my fourth #fridayflash. Only been edited a couple of times so might have a few gremlins. Let me know what you think :).

Ramone paced back and forth. He couldn't believe he was going through with it. But what choice did he have? His professional career was over, and if he had any hope of staying in the sport and supporting his family he would have to go through with it. Besides his huge gambling debt wasn't going to pay itself.

"Mr. Ramone," said a sturdy looking nurse. With some training she could become a pretty decent boxer. He shook the thought from his mind. "Doctor Baloyi will see you now."

The doctor's room was bare and spotless. A stark contrast to the run down look of the outside. He supposed it was a good disguise. What he was doing wasn't exactly legal.

The doctor stood there with a huge syringe filled with a luminous yellow liquid. "Is that the cougar serum?"

"Ah, didn't my nurse Maggie SMS you?"

Ramone just shook his head.

"We couldn't get any. The batch was stopped at customs. Luckily it can't be traced back to me."

"So umm... what do you have there?"

"Horse serum. It's new. My own formula."

Ramone sighed. He wasn't surprised. When did anything go his way? "But I wanted the cougar stuff. I wanted to be fast and atheltic!"

"But a horse is all all those things plus extra strength."

"I don't know."

"You could always wait until next month when new stock arrives," said the doctor lowering the syringe.

"No! No! I have a fight this weekend. You said it will take 24 hours to take effect?"

"Yes, are you ready? And remember you signed a disclaimer by the door. Myself and anyone connected to my clinic are not responsible for any side-effects no matter how serious they may be. Is that clear?"

"Yup, now can we get it over with please."

Ramone could hear the crowds waiting outside. They knew they weren't for him. They were never for him. They were for Claw: the pioneer of genetically enhanced boxing. The undisputed champ. But he was going to show him. He was going to show them all. The transformation had been painful and he could hardly recognize himself in the mirror, but he knew it was worth it. Today he was going to change his lfe around.

Pacing, punching the air Ramone had never felt fitter. He scratch his rear. It had been extra itchy the last hour or so.

Donning his shiny silver robe Ramone made it up the ramp to the underground boxing ring. The ring was caged in. Punters and filled the room to capacity. Their shouts and whistles were almost deafening.

Claw was waiting. The man looked bigger than ever. The tiger blood in his veins had boosted his muscles to epic proportions. Without his horse serum he knew he wouldn't have a stood chance.

Ramone entered the ring and the gate closed and locked behind him. Until the match was over or either of them were dead the gate would stay locked.

An announcer stood on top of the cage. "In this corner we have the king of the ring, the knockout champ and undisputed champion of the world Claw!"

The crowd erupted into an extra level of crazy. .

"And his very brave opponent is ex-pro boxer and one time number one contender Ramone the Rocket!"

Ramone tried not to think the fight ahead. From the countless hours he had watched Claw he knew that he had to be fast. Just a single clean punch from the beast of a man was enough to knock anyone out.

Ramone dropped his robe. Unexpectedly the crowd went silent and then a moment later burst out laughing. Their faces were contorted in unadulterated glee. He followed their pointing fingers. It was a tale. His tale. From being an irritating stub at home a couple of hours ago had turned into a fully blown horse's tail.

Overwhelmed by it all Ramone was frozen in shock and humilation. A moment later the bell rang. Stuck in place Ramone watched in horror as a huge red glove filled his vision...


  1. Pretty gross fate to me. Might be somebody's fetish, but isn't even the tail of mine...

    What's up with the "tiger blood" and "horse serum" things I've been seeing lately? Is this a writing prompt? It was trending the other day.

  2. Thanks for stopping by John!

    Maybe I was a little too harsh on the main character, but I wanted something hard hitting.

    The tiger blood is the whole Charlie Sheen thing. He claims to have tiger blood in his veins. You should check out his interview on youtube quite interesting...

    And Horse Serum is something I made up for the story.

  3. I like the ending! Nice twist. :)