Thursday, 15 December 2016

Eighty Seventh Friday Flash: Waltzing Through Darkness

Waltzing through darkness
Eroding the soles
Tumble, tumble
Don't fear the rumble

A flash of wings
Too many to see
Together we will fly
Away from the watchful eye

Sanctuary we seek
To heal the things that leak
Warm and tight
You won't leave my sight

Braying and scathing
Trouble wishes to invade
With strength and cunning
Scars we will evade

Forever and more
I want nothing more

Friday, 5 September 2014

Eighty Sixth Friday Flash: Going Viral

AP53 didn't know what to do. Everyone was infected. It just took the slightest touch and he would be infected too; doomed to lose all function every so often to sprout out 15 to 30 seconds of viral advert phrases like “50% off all stock.” “Act now!” “Gimble sausages are the tastiest you will ever eat.” “You are nothing if you don't own a Capone hat.” “Are you a loser? Then became a winner today with 72 easy monthly payments of $12.99.” It was enough to drive anyone mad.

Bizarrely no accidents had been caused by it yet, with the virus program seeming to recognize the user would be in a life threatening situation if it activated at the wrong moment, but people couldn't be busy all the time. Taking public transport was a nightmare with random slogans being thrown around continuously. 

Everything had been tried from root installs to total wipeouts. It was because the systems installing the restore points were infected too and just reloaded the virus. There were numerous “cures” out there, but all of them had been proved to be bogus conmen trying to make a quick buck.

But if AP53 didn't connect to the NETWORK soon he would lose his job and apartment. His supposed permanent connection AM69 had left him last week, saying he was against change and should just accept it. But why should he let large corporations hijack his body and turn him into walking billboard.

Most ignored it, they were so bombarded with adverts that they just didn't care anymore. A few had taken their lives because it was just too much. His friend ART78 had thrown himself into a garbage compactor just that morning. The police were at the door.

“Please sign this release form,” said the android officer. ART78 had left him his entire digital collection of movies and literature.

Shocked and operating on autopilot AP53 pressed his thumb to the electronic clipboard.

The door closed behind AP53 and ten seconds later he stopped dead still. “Are you a lonely bachelor and looking to settle down? Then look no further than 'Date an Officer.' Your number one source for meeting potential dates in uniform.”

Thursday, 10 July 2014

First Podcast Interview on the Fred Felton Show

Fred Felton MC, Copywriter, Author and Blogger was very kind to interview me recently. You can find Fred on Twitter here and his blog here

As discussed in the interview you can find The Boy From Sweden here. If you pay full price I will donate 100% of the revenue to CANSA and if you download it for free and review it I will donate the same amount. Code is SE46E

You can find my Facebook here

And as always if you have any questions please ask.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Charity Drive

Good day all,

Hope you are all well? My brother is fighting cancer, it has been a difficult time for the family, but everyone is doing their best to be positive My brother has had some help through the Cancer Association of South Africa and I wanted to do my bit to help. Every little helps! And if you know of any similar causes please let me know I want to help.

So until 31st July (will most probably extend) you can get The Boy from Sweden for free using the code SE46E at Smashwords or if you pay $1.99 I will donate 100% of the revenue ($1.39) to @CANSA

Or if you read the book for free or paid and review it I will donate another $1.39.


You can also find the book at these fine online retailers. 100% revenues from these sales will also be donated.

Barnes and Noble




Friday, 14 March 2014

Eighty Fifth Friday Flash: Closer to the Sun


Blinded by the sunset, quarters in my pocket, wind in my hair and wonder in my heart. 

Distance keeps away but inside we are together. Fear has no purchase here, every attempt denied. 

To touch is to feel and to feel is to touch. That's why I care about you so much. 

The horizon it will come. Every step closer to the sun. 

Magnetic are my thoughts, to you I am always pulled.