Friday, 30 September 2011

Twenty-Third Friday Flash: Bear Necessities

*** This is a follow up to Endless War and Desolation

**** I'm also battling a dreadnought of a cold, so please forgive me for any errors you might pick up in the text. And I wouldn't mind if you pointed them out.

Amy hated being ordered around by Sergeant Whiskers, he was even more obnoxious and bossy than her previous CO. After scavenging what supplies they could find in the almost totally trashed research facility they headed further north. Amy tried to convince Sergeant Whiskers that they should stay and make it their base, but he refused, saying the job was not finished, the enemy was still out there.

They travelled for days. Amy used every spare moment looking for an escape, but it was hopeless, the Kitty Power army did not tolerate deserters, she would become an enemy the instant she left. Sergeant Whiskers would literally hunt her down. But still she hoped. There had to be a way out.

“Stop,” commanded Sergeant Whiskers.

Amy gladly stopped. They had been going all day and she was tired. Whiskers insisted she use her power suit manually, saying they had to be alert at all times.

Amy looked all around her. They were in an abandoned and almost completely destroyed town. They had seen no sign of human life since they left the research facility. It was most probably some starved creature looking through the trash for some food. And it wasn't too far from the truth.

A bear leaped out from behind a building and connected with Sergeant Whiskers before he could get a shot off. The bear was strong, but it was no match for Sergeant Whiskers and his armoured suit. The Sergeant shoved the bear away. It stumbled, and fell backwards.

“Don't hurt it!”

"You stay out of this Private Purkins!"

Sergeant proceeded to push the bear around. Amy was having none of it, she moved swiftly in, and whacked Whiskers solidly with the butt of her rifle. He went down like a log.

The bear moved in on Amy, growling. “Shh Shh... calm down, I won't hurt you.”

Fearing she might be crazy she grabbed a honey energy bar from her dwindling supplies, unwrapped it, and extended her hand slowly towards the bear.

It stopped and sniffed the air. Amy's hand trembled. The bear licked up the treat.

“Ew! Sticky.”

Amy contemplated taking out the sergeant then and there, but she couldn't bring herself to it. She wouldn't be able to sleep at night, but she did strip him of his rifle, and any other weapons. Even taking the batteries from his suit. Hopefully he wouldn't wake up.

The bear followed her as she left the town. Amy didn't try to stop it. She liked the company.


Sergeant Whisker's eyes opened.


  1. Oh my! Amy, you should have scrogged the sarge when you had a chance.

    Not bad for having the Cold From Hell. The only typoish thing I saw was missing quotes around the "You stay out of this" line.

  2. The adorable nature of the corps is really what carries it for me. Lovely work, and get well soon, Craig.

  3. Should have gotten him when she could! Otherwise he's going to get her.

  4. I believe I would like to know more about these suites they are wearing. Battle suites? Big Bulky with or with out helmets? Do they have attachable guns? Lasers? Are they furry people, by that I mean half person half feline?
    only error I saw was "but it she couldn't ..."

    Fun story.

  5. Glad the bear turned out to be a companion!

    Spotted one error - double 'had' in the fifth paragraph.

  6. Man those are some big cats, or it's a small bear. This is a classic case of action speaking louder than words; that bear will follow and defend for a very long time.
    Thanks for the fun read.

  7. I think she might regret not having done for the Sarge when she had the chance. Still that Bear may come in handy if she needs extra protection.

  8. @FARfetched I agree. Sergeant Whiskers isn't going to be happy!

    Almost beaten the cold away. and thanks will fix the missing quotes.

    @John Thanks! Hoping to keep the cuteness levels up through all of Amy's adventures.

    @Sonia Wise advice. Between you me I think the Sergeant has a few screws loose.

    @glitterword Thanks for reading Stevie, and good point. I haven't really described the suits very much. Will try fix that in the next instalment. And thanks, fixed the typo.

    @Icypop still deciding on how much of a companion, but I think if she keeps the bear well feed all will be well. And thanks the extra had is gone!

    @Donald Thank you! The suits they use are pretty powerful. And you're right, the bear is going to prove to be a valuable friend.

    @Helen very true, I think she's going to regret it very soon! But with the bear at her side, I think she will feel safer.