Friday, 25 May 2012

Fifty Fifth Friday Flash: The Office of Mayhem Evaluation

“It's just not good enough...” said the manager tapping his pen on the desk.

“But there's volcanoes, twisters and everything!”

The manager yawned. “Boring.”

“Okay, how about a giant monster?”

“Nah, so 1950s.”

The employee scratched his chin. “Aliens?”

His boss just rolled his eyes.


“You say zombies, you're fired.”

“I...I wasn' about if we ban caffeine and shut down the internet...”

The manager sat up straight, “Yes, this could work, just for a week, keep everyone on their toes, good job Johnson.”

“Does that mean I can get that promotion?”

“Ha ha no... it means you get to keep your job, now clear off!”

Johnson punched his leg and muttered. “I knew I should have gone with that flying shark idea!”

Friday, 18 May 2012

Fifty Fourth Friday Flash: The Cat with the Golden Monocle

Things were going according to plan. Cat watched the screens in front of him. He purred deeply as the hero went from screen to screen. Cat's minions providing just enough resistance to not alert the hero. His assistant Purdy stroked his fur.

“Yes,” he arched his back.

A moment later the hero crashed through the ceiling, ceiling board and dust crashing everywhere. Bongo the Dog coughed and flailed at the dust.

“The nefarious Cat, I should have known you were behind this!”

“Aren't I always?”

“But why lead me here?”

“Catnip?” asked Cat. Purdy placed a silver tray before Bongo.

“I don't have time for games!” Bongo the bulldog barked.

“Suit yourself,” Cat adjusted his golden monocle and took some catnip. Cat shivered and shook his head. “Darn! That was good.”

“That's it! I'm taking you in.”

“Not so fast!” said Cat shaking a paw left to right. “Purdy, ball.”

Purdy took out a shiny red ball and squeezed it.

squeak squeak

“No! You're evil!”

Bongo barked, wagged his tail and jumped for the ball.

“Who's a cute little doggie then?” said Cat laughing. “Now fetch!”

Purdy opened a door to outside and threw the ball.

“I will get you for this,” barked Bongo running after the ball.

Cat rolled around on the floor laughing. “We sure showed him.”

“That you did,” said Purdy with a sigh.

“Don't sigh at me young lady," said Cat. "After the laser pointer incident of '09 I had to get him back.”

Friday, 11 May 2012

Fifty Third Friday Flash: Ghost Bus

Commuters by Rich Hinchcliffe

It was late, everything was closed, and there was no other way. He had to go home and face the consequences. Barry put his hand up for a taxi, the yellow vehicle shot past, seeming to totally ignore him.

“Damn it!”

He took out his phone, the bright screen danced in front of him and hurt his eyes. The taxi operator's number just rang and rang. Feeling a bit woozy he held onto the bus stop. A moment late a bus stopped in front of him and the doors opened. Barry hated taking the bus and waved his arms to tell the bus driver he wasn't interested. The bus didn't move.

“All right, all right!” he said stumbling forward making his way onto the bus. He dug into his pocket and dumped his change in the driver's general direction.

Dizzy, he sat down in the nearest open seat. The bus moved forward. For a few moments he sat there with his eyes closed lolling around in his seat. Opening his eyes to see if he recognized the area, he froze and his eyes grew large. All around him were shadowy shapes with bright eyes.

Barry shot up, fell, and crawled to the front, pulling on the sides of the seats. “What are you?”

The shapes ignored him, some looking out the window. Getting back onto his feet, he tried the door. It shook, but did not open.

“Driver! Let me out!”

Barry turned around, wanting to grab and shake the driver to his senses, but stopped midway when he saw the man was also a shadowy form with bright eyes.

“No! No! You can't do this. Let me out!”

Barry stared at all the passengers. Some were looking at him. As if wondering what the disturbance was. Then it all came flashing through his head. After his tenth shot of drink he had fallen off his chair. There was a blank spot and then he found himself outside.

“It can't be!” he said, he looked down at his hands. They were disappearing and a blinding light was filling his vision. A moment later his scream was cut off and all he was left with was his thoughts.