Friday, 30 September 2011

Twenty-Third Friday Flash: Bear Necessities

*** This is a follow up to Endless War and Desolation

**** I'm also battling a dreadnought of a cold, so please forgive me for any errors you might pick up in the text. And I wouldn't mind if you pointed them out.

Amy hated being ordered around by Sergeant Whiskers, he was even more obnoxious and bossy than her previous CO. After scavenging what supplies they could find in the almost totally trashed research facility they headed further north. Amy tried to convince Sergeant Whiskers that they should stay and make it their base, but he refused, saying the job was not finished, the enemy was still out there.

They travelled for days. Amy used every spare moment looking for an escape, but it was hopeless, the Kitty Power army did not tolerate deserters, she would become an enemy the instant she left. Sergeant Whiskers would literally hunt her down. But still she hoped. There had to be a way out.

“Stop,” commanded Sergeant Whiskers.

Amy gladly stopped. They had been going all day and she was tired. Whiskers insisted she use her power suit manually, saying they had to be alert at all times.

Amy looked all around her. They were in an abandoned and almost completely destroyed town. They had seen no sign of human life since they left the research facility. It was most probably some starved creature looking through the trash for some food. And it wasn't too far from the truth.

A bear leaped out from behind a building and connected with Sergeant Whiskers before he could get a shot off. The bear was strong, but it was no match for Sergeant Whiskers and his armoured suit. The Sergeant shoved the bear away. It stumbled, and fell backwards.

“Don't hurt it!”

"You stay out of this Private Purkins!"

Sergeant proceeded to push the bear around. Amy was having none of it, she moved swiftly in, and whacked Whiskers solidly with the butt of her rifle. He went down like a log.

The bear moved in on Amy, growling. “Shh Shh... calm down, I won't hurt you.”

Fearing she might be crazy she grabbed a honey energy bar from her dwindling supplies, unwrapped it, and extended her hand slowly towards the bear.

It stopped and sniffed the air. Amy's hand trembled. The bear licked up the treat.

“Ew! Sticky.”

Amy contemplated taking out the sergeant then and there, but she couldn't bring herself to it. She wouldn't be able to sleep at night, but she did strip him of his rifle, and any other weapons. Even taking the batteries from his suit. Hopefully he wouldn't wake up.

The bear followed her as she left the town. Amy didn't try to stop it. She liked the company.


Sergeant Whisker's eyes opened.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Twenty-Second Friday Flash: Block Wars

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Block Wars
The time was fast approaching. There was going to be two hours of pure chaos and unhinged anarchy. Angus couldn't wait to take his frustrations out on some loser from Block B. Four weeks of hard slog and now it was time to play. Angus and a few of his neighbours were lined up outside in the massive courtyard between the two apartment blocks, the rag tag bunch of Block B were lined up on the opposite side.
They were all waiting for the buzzer to signify the start of the block war. There were Golem referees in the middle of the courtyard to make sure things didn't get too out of hand, but Angus wasn't worried about them, they were so slow you could get away with pretty much anything if you wanted to.
Angus let out a bellow as he rushed forward, a wicked grin spread across his bearded face. He could see the guy who had keyed his bike, a silver haired night elf from the local lawyer firm Fangs, Nightshift and Posterone. Angus slowed down his pace when he noticed that the night elf wasn't alone. He was holding two leashes.
"Curses!" Angus couldn't believe it. The scum had two hellhounds. Two invisible beasts capable of taking down a yeti. And the worst of it, it seemed that he was coming straight for Angus. Knowing his aluminum baseball bat would do very little damage Angus climbed up the nearest golem referee. The golem tried to swat him off, but couldn't reach him.
"You get off."
"It's not going to help you Angus, your number is up!" called the night elf.
"What did I ever do to you? You're the one who keyed my car!"
"Ha! Please, you and your buddies revving up your bikes every morning like a pack of banshees while I'm trying to sleep."
"It's just not me!"
"Oh, you're just the first. Your friends will pay soon."
The hellhounds growled.
"Save me," pleaded Angus.
"You know rules, once you in fight you can't leave until buzzer."
"But he has hellhounds! So unfair!"
"You should have got your own."
Angus remembered the bulge in his pocket, and whipped out his iFone. Within seconds he had opened up the IMercenary app. It would take him months to pay off, but it might be the only way he could survive. Clicking on the pay button he waited and hoped.
"Eat em boys! And I want nothing left!" Growled the night elf. The gray skinned man let go of the straining leashes.

Angus, climbed further up the golem and balanced on its head. The golem seemed to have amazingly caught one of the hellhounds by the leash but the other was loose and coming for him. Angus swung his bat, it connected with something. There was a small yelp, moments later the bat was ripped from his hands and was chewed up by the hellhound, it sounded like a bunch of spoons being ground up a garbage disposal. The hellhound seemed to be clinging onto the golem by digging its claws into the golem's referee uniform.
Seeing no choice Angus jumped from the Golem's head and landed with a roll. Taking to his heels Angus ran as fast as his little dwarf legs could take him, barging his way through the fighting crowd, for perhaps a dozen feet before the hellhound caught up. It plowed through the combatants, who quickly dodged out of the way when they realized what was going on, no one interfered with a hellhound.
Angus could hear the beast's heavy breathing, and snarls. This was it. His last block war, but all was not lost just as the hellhound jumped for him a griffon swooped in and picked him up.
The fair maiden, that was riding the flying eagle/lion, snatching him up by the arm and throwing him on the back of the beast behind her.
"You took your time!"
The pink haired nymph turned to him and grinned. "I could always drop you back down if you like?"
"No! No... as of today I'm retiring, no more block wars for me. I'm also thinking of selling my Harley, are you interested?"
"No, Griff is all the power I need," she said stroking her griffon affectionately. "But I know a warlock who might be."

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

TuesdayTales Challenge 7

Judging my first writing contest today.

Here are the details:

Please go on over to @theglitterlady's blog to take part

"Tuesday Tales is a 100 word flash fiction challenge that is based on a photo I take and post as well as one secret word to be included which is chosen by the current week’s judge!

They say pictures are worth a thousand words, well now it’s time to condense down to the most important 100 of them all.

To Enter, just post a comment with your 100 word Tale and add your word count then your twitter name. (max 2 entries a person)

The winner will be bestowed with the AWESOME BLOG BADGE! To be displayed with pride and honor on their blog, twitter pics or what not. Where ever the winner feels their awesome sauce should get the most praise, worship and of course minions.

By entering, every contestant agrees to shamelessly promote and praise the winner on twitter."

For all discussions about this challenge use hash tag #TuesdayTales

Friday, 16 September 2011

Twenty-First Friday Flash: Honey Trap

Jack the undercover detective walked into the newly opened Soulful Estate Agency. There had been reports of missing people. People that had last been seen at the agency.

“How may I help you?” asked the man.

“I’m interested in buying one of those starter pack homes you advertised on TV,” said Jack.

“Which one would that be?” asked the man.

“The one with three rooms and the sea view,” said Jack. It was a big advertising campaign surely the man working here knew what was going on.

“Oh, how exciting,” said the man. “You are our very first customer.” The man ducked down and brought up a big cardboard box and slid it across towards Jack. “That will be $50,000 will you be paying by cash or credit card?”

“What are trying to pull?” asked Jack staring at the box.

“Look pal do you want it or not?”

“Want what? This is not the house you have advertised.”

“Oh, you don’t know…” said the man, Jack noticed that there was a name tag on the man’s shirt it said Manny.

“Don’t know what Manny?” asked Jack.

“You just go over to your allocated plot, dig a hole, throw the box in and water it. It’s a patented house in a box design.”

“My name might be Jack but I’m not falling for that scam.”

“What scam?” asked Manny “Sorcerers… sorry I mean scientists have spent over ten years developing this new technology and besides there’s a money back guarantee.”

“Sorcerers?” Very suspicious behavior indeed.

“Apologies, I’m a huge geek, but I promise you, there is no easier way to buy the house of your dreams.”

“All right, all right,” said Jack passing over his credit card. “I’ll take it.” It was a Police Department card. They could get their funds back once the investigation was over.

“A fine choice sir,” said Manny. “Would you like one of our expert techwizards to help you with the setup?”

“No, but I would like you to accompany me.”

“I’m afraid I have a meeting in a few minutes. Can I meet you at the site?”

“Sure, but don’t take long.”

His undercover identity’s new home turned out to be a nice little plot of land on the end of a beach road. It was in pristine condition and had a fantastic sea view.

Thinking there would be no chance that it would ever work Jack paced out the center of the yard and dug a hole. Once it was deep enough he unceremoniously dumped the box in and then filled it up with water, he borrowed from a neighbor. He covered it up and stood back and waited for the process to begin. The pamphlet said he had to wait a couple of minutes before it got working. Soon enough a giant plant began to grow out of the ground at an alarming rate. It was big and green and began to transform into a house shape. Pretty soon there was a modest but elegantly designed three-roomed wooden house standing before him. Jack was amazed that it had actually worked.

Cautiously he made his way into the new dwelling. It was bare inside. The whole thing was just wondrous to him, but something was wrong, the walls, they were moving, closing in on him. He ran to the door, but it was barred shut. Jack screamed. He knew that he was done for.

A green sedan pulled up to the now vacant again plot.

“How many is that now?” asked Manny.

“17,” replied a man in a immaculate business suit. Manny hated when his supervisor tagged along for the collection, the sulfur smell was a pain to get out of the upholstery.

Manny sighed. “Only 987 to go.”

*I found this story last night. Wrote it in 2005. Was cringe worthy reading, took quite a lot of chopping and changing, but hopefully I've salvaged it and made it readable.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Twentieth Friday Flash: Familiar

Harriet and Circe by Storm Shorter. Follow her on Twitter @Shewolf222

You can also found out all about her book The Key to Eternal Glory here

It was her birthday. At thirteen most girls would be thinking about guests, gifts, cake and whether the cute boy she liked would show up, but not for Harriet, today she was going to be summoning her familiar. Something she wasn’t particularly looking forward to, because it entailed summoning a demon and forcing it to possess a cat. A barbaric practice in her opinion. Just last month Sweetie Merryweather, who now calls a padded cell her home, had gone mad trying to summon hers. And if that wasn’t bad enough it was also Grelda’s summoning day too. Being a natural braggart Grelda hadn’t kept quiet about how great she was going to do and how awfully Harriet was going to fail.

Dressed in her finest Harriet made her way down to the basement. Charna the town’s most ancient and most senior witch was waiting for her. She greeted Harriet as soon as she stepped off the bottom step. There were rumours she was going blind, but no one had had the courage to ask her. Grelda was already waiting, smug smile firmly in place.

“Alright, girls, I hope you are both fully prepared, you only get one chance at this.”

Harriet thought of Elspeth, a once promising young witch, who now worked as a laundry girl because she failed. Harriet shuddered, the thought of touching someone else’s unmentionables was terrifying.

They both assured Charna they were ready.

“Very good, now both of you draw your summoning circles. Remember no breaks.”

Harriet and Grelda both drew their circles on the perfectly flat floor. Harriet stepped out of hers carefully.

“Now retrieve your future familiars.”

Harriet moved forward and grabbed her cat carrier from by the wall. The black cat inside stared at her intensely. The name tag said Crice, Harriet loved the name.

Grelda was not as pleased. “Mildred? Seriously?”

“It is, what it is,” said Charna firmly.


“Place the carriers in the middle of your circles.”

They did so.

“Good, now begin the summoning!”

Harriet got out her tattered hand me down spell book and began to say the incantation. The words were flowing from her mouth far better than she hoped they would.

Unbelievably, Grelda seemed to be having trouble with hers. Obviously she had been spending more time with her big shot warlock boyfriend Annae than she had been studying.

Two dark smoky clouds formed over the circles. Harriet’s was calm while Grelda’s was stormy.

Harriet looked to Charna, hoping she would step in to prevent disaster, Grelda also seemed to sense something was wrong and stumbled over her words more and more. An instant later the dark clouds condensed and shot into the carriers. Harriet’s stayed calm while Grelda’s rocked around violently.

“Open your cages and greet your familiars and new companions for life.”

Harriet opened hers, Circe sprang up into her arms and purred.

Brazen as ever Grelda opened up hers and Mildred leapt for her face, hissing and scratching. Grelda backed away in shock, but recovered quickly and managed to bat it away.

Mildred landed on its feet. It began to talk in tongues. Harriet could sense great evil. Something had gone wrong. The demon was in control. It was not under Grelda’s spell like it should have been.

Charna nodded her head towards it, “Take care of it, Grelda.”

“I… I can’t.”

“Then you, Harriet.”


Charna just nodded. Mildred turned to Harriet as if she knew who the threat was. Its eyes were silver and reflective. Shaking, Harriet flipped through her spell book until she found the right spell.

Jumping and dodging she incanted the spell. A moment later there was a loud explosion and smoke filled the basement. Mildred, seeming to be demon free emerged from the smoke. It went over to Charna and began to lick its paw as if nothing had happened.

“Good job Harriet, girls you may leave now, Harriet retrieve your full hat and Grelda hand your broom in, you are done.”

Harriet went over to pick up her carrier. A cold feeling shot through her, something didn’t seem right, she looked up, Charna’s eyes, they were different. They were silver.

“Run Grelda!” Leaving the carrier behind Harriet chased after Grelda.

They could hear Charna laughing wickedly. “You can’t get away that easy!”

Stupidly, Harriet looked back just as they reached the stairs. She watched in horror as a ball of energy zoomed towards her. Luckily, Grelda was quick on her feet and yanked on her shirt and pulled Harriet up just in time. There was an explosion and the bottom of the stairwell caved in.

“The demon must have possessed her.”

“Yes, but we must go warn the others before it is too late, the blockage won’t hold her for long,” said Grelda.

“Good thinking,” said Harriet shaking her head and pulling herself up. “Thanks for saving me.”

They made their way up the stairs. “It’s the least I can do.”

It definitely was the least Grelda could do, it was her fault wasn’t it? But she would have to worry about that later, a demon possessed witch was after them and there was no guarantee they would get out alive.

*On a side note. Two of my flash fiction pieces were recently published in this collection: A Flash of Inspiration: A Collection of Very Short Stories

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Monday, 5 September 2011

A Flash of Inspiration: A Collection of Very Short Stories

Hi all,

Just wanted to let you know two of my flash fiction pieces were published in a new anthology "A Flash of Inspiration: A Collection of Very Short Stories". They're super short at only 100 words long each. They were fun to write. So if you have a few moments please consider getting it for your Kindle. It's free :).

A Flash of Inspiration: A Collection of Very Short Stories

Friday, 2 September 2011

Nineteenth Friday Flash: The Other Side

Melvin pulled into the 24hr clinic. His hands were trembling and his chest tight. Gertrude would have taken him, but he had lost her a few years ago. He pushed the thought from his mind, thinking about his dear departed wife never made things easier. Melvin contemplated honking his horn to see if anyone would come out to help him, but they would most probably set security on him if he did. Taking a few deep breathes his fortified himself before extracting himself from the car.

The well-lit entrance was just a few dozen paces away. He wobbled his way through the parking lot, bumping into a few cars along the way. He passed two smoking security guards who just stared at him as he went by. Melvin would have refused their help even if they did offer. He hated smoke.

Shuffling along at his sedate pace he eventually made it to the reception area. It was so bright inside he had to cover his eyes. He must have looked quite a sight in his night gown and wellington boots.

“Sir, sir can I help you?”

Melvin blinked and pulled away his hand. A tall and thin middle aged nurse stood before him with her hands on her hips and a stern look on her face. Gertrude would most probably have called her a cow the instant she saw her. Melvin on the other hand liked to give people a chance.

“My chest, I think I’m going to have a heart attack.”

“Hmmpf, are you sure it’s not gas or something?”

Melvin laughed. “I’m 83 years old, I think I know the difference.”

“Right, take a seat and the doctor will see you when he can.”

More pain coursed through his chest. He clutched his chest for emphasis. “I can’t wait.”

The nurse shrugged. “The doctor is dealing with a hit and run drunk driver, who was beaten up by friends of the victim.”

Mevlin shook his head in disgust and fell into the nearest seat. He tried to calm down, but it seemed like his heart had lost its brakes. Giving into it, an intense calm feeling fell over him, it seemed like all his worries had flown away. The doctor could take his time if he wanted. A few more minutes wouldn’t kill him would it?

Then the strangest thing happened. Someone suddenly appeared behind the upstart nurse. This person was oddly see-through, as if they weren’t really there. The young lady proceeded to pull faces at the nurse. Melvin chuckled.

The apparition turned to Melvin, he couldn’t believe his eyes, it was Gertrude, a young and vibrant Gertrude.

As perfect as the day he met her.

Melvin wondered if he had lost his mind.

Gertrude walked through the counter and smiled that dazzling smile he so fondly remembered.

“You’ve most probably wondering if you’ve gone crazy?”

Melvin nodded.

She pulled him to his feet. Her hand feeling warm and soft. “Look.”

Melvin looked. It was himself slumped in his chair as if asleep.

“Am I dreaming?”

She pulled him closer and kissed him. “Dead, I’m afraid.”


“Yes, and about time too, I missed you.”

“I missed you too.” It felt so unreal. “What do we do now?’

“We go home.”


Gertrude laughed that tinkling laugh of hers he had missed so much. “No, don’t be silly.”


“Don’t worry, I will be with you every step of the way.”

Melvin smiled.

They both vanished.

Melvin’s body toppled off his chair. The highly strung housewife of the drunk driver, who had been sitting a row behind Melvin screamed…