Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Found this while rummaging in the storeroom: Siebe Gorman & Co Ltd Diver's Phone

Some information found on the Diving Heritage site:
Manufacture: Siebe Gorman & Co Ltd
Date of manufacture: 1930-1940
Type: 2 Diver
Case type: Mahogany with Gunmetal fittings
Description: The mahogany case is 17 inches wide and 12 inches deep and 10 inches high. The telephone unit is designed for 2 divers . The no 1 diver calls by a bell and the number 2 diver a buzzer. This allows the attendant to instantly know which diver is calling. By positioning a switch in the box the 2 divers can talk and hear one another. In order to call the attendant the diver presses on a chin button initiating the bell or buzzer. The system is powered by a series of dry cell batteries which are stored in the rear of the box.


  1. I can see the steampunk folks lining up to buy that already!

    But seriously. What is a diver's phone? Some captions or other annotations would be helpful. ;-)

    1. Was thinking the same. All those gunmetal fittings.

      Good point. Just posted some info I found :). Now just need to find the phones that go with it.

  2. Hello Mr Smith
    Do you still have this phone?