Thursday, 12 July 2012

Defunct Magazines Articles: Yike Bike Fusion

If you're a city dweller you're most probably sick and tired of traffic and the daily commute, but don't worry things may be changing; powered personal transport seems to be on the rise. First there was the Segway, but have you ever seen anyone actually riding to work in one? I know, me neither. Yike Bike thinks they can gap the market. From it's stylish good looks to it's fold-up-able-design it's more versatile than the Segway.

With a big wheel at the front and the small at the back it's reminiscent of an antique penny farthing, the difference being you're not sitting behind the front wheel, but on top of it. It might sound strange but it's perfectly balanced, and quite maneuverable. With a 18kmh top speed you'll be whizzing to work in no time.
A couple of things concern me, with its strange riding style even if you've been riding it for years you're bound to get tons of stares. Fine if you're somewhat of exhibitionist, but if you're more of a private person I can image it could get quite bothersome. And if you're popping down to the shops will you be able to bring back the shopping with you? I can imagine balancing a steaming cup of coffee and steering would be quite tricky! Other than that it seems to be a fun way to get around and sure to make your day more fun and interesting.

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