Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Defunct Magazine Articles: Dyson Digital Slim Vacuum Cleaner

Now for something a little different.

About a year ago I found an ad to write for a local magazine. I won't go into detail why the magazine didn't work out, but it was fun and at least I can say it was something I tried out. Now that a year has passed I think it will be safe to post some of the articles I did for them here. They wanted me to put a positive spin on everything so please forgive me if I sound too much like an overzealous salesman trying to hock his wares.

Dyson Digital Slim Vacuum Cleaner

This one is for you domestic goddesses out there. With detachable long nose it can be used as a full length vacuum cleaner or a dust buster. It's also very light and nimble, and not prone to make you too tired. Made from carbon fibre it really is bringing space age technology to your living room.
With its tiny digital motor spinning five times faster than a Formula 1 engine it's guaranteed to suck up the most stubborn dust bunnies. Its trigger like handle makes it feel like you're handling a powerful weapon and not a cleaning device, which in my opinion is a good thing. Who knows it might even entice the man of your house to lend a helping hand. That's not all, with a one touch quick release device to empty the dirt it couldn't be easier to clean and maintain.
It also comes with a whole bunch of attachments that make the device very versatile, and being cordless it's great for cleaning out the car or a quick dash around the house when unexpected guests arrive. Bundled with it is a neat and tidy docking/charging station that holds the vacuum and all its accessories.
Overall, although it costs a bit more than your average cleaner, it will make up for the price by being fun, powerful and easy to use. And in today's fast paced life we can take all the shortcuts we can get. 

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