Friday, 27 April 2012

Fifty Second Friday Flash: The Mermaid and the Oil Baron

*** this is a follow up from Gorilla Pequeno,Santos Returns,Mermaid Tale Santos Vs. The Mermaid and Santos, The Mermaid, and the Marine Biologist

** On a side note it's my editor and friend Robyn Addinall's birthday today. So a big happy birthday to her and if you have the time please check out her blog Curious Robyn for reviews and other observations.** ( Robyn didn't edit this piece, so any mistakes you find are my own ;)

It took several days to reach the island by boat, funded by the documentary crew that filmed their every move. Santos had secured the deal under the condition that he would host the show. For the first few days the crew filmed the mermaid, trying to catch its amazing transformation, so far nothing. People reported seeing the person they loved the most, but to the camera and everyone else the mermaid looked the same. It eventually got to the point where Margie, marine biologist, had to ban the crew from getting too close to the mermaid.

Santos stood on the pier with the camera crew filming.

“We have finally arrived. Once everything is setup we will be releasing the mermaid into her new home. And what a lovely home it is,” said Santos twirling around. The sky was a rich blue, seagulls squawked in the distance.

“Good!” said the director.

“Thankfully the audience at home can’t smell,” said Santos holding his nose. His short stature wasn’t helping.

After the half an hour drive they reached the oil baron’s holiday resort. A 5 star hotel reserved for the rich and famous. A hotel he nor any of the crew would be staying in. There was said to be a three year waiting list.  They would be staying in Margie’s new home, a villa down the road supplied by the oil baron so Margie could be close in case of emergencies.

The tank was massive, a large circular glass tube that was five stories high. There was a hole connecting each floor. Each floor was themed and packed with things the mermaid could play with. Santos was uncertain if the mermaid would make use any of them, but at least it looked as if she would be well looked after. Over the last year or so he had gotten quite attached to the creature. She had even mellowed out under Margie’s good care.

They were right at the top ready to release the mermaid into the tank. The film crew were there, some celebrities were there, even Tom Arbuckle the oil baron himself was there. His million dollar smile dazzling.

“The time has come. A creature we thought was only confined to folklore. A creature that tells us that there is more to this world than we know. A creature we hope will be happy in her new home. Release her!” said Santos with a flamboyant wave of his arms.

The mermaid was released. Her red eyes darted side to side and then she swam around, exploring the level they were on, but then she stopped, and looked at them. Santos could feel some of the crowd were feeling uneasy, especially the sound man who didn’t seem to want to look at the creature. A moment later the mermaid vomited. The crowd gasped and a lot of whispers broke out.

“Did you get that?” asked the director.

The camera man nodded moving in closer.

“Margie!” said Tom, his voice grave. “She better not be sick!”

Margie moved closer and placed her hand on the tank. The mermaid wiping her mouth, placed her hand there too. “On the contrary, I think she’s pregnant...”

Tom rubbed his hands together. “Well, isn't that a turn of events!”

Santos wondered how this was even possible, but he was sure he was going to stick around to find out.


  1. "Thankfully the audience at home can't smell", such a great sentence :)

    PS: He was probably standing on a pier, though standing on a peer is definitely possible!

    1. Thanks!

      Nice spot, sorted out. Will be reading yours in a bit :).

  2. Yay, Santos is back! I love the twists and turns in these stories.

    The sound man didn't want to look at the mermaid? Hmmm… do we have a candidate for the father?

    The sixth paragraph could use some work, IMO. I read a little awkward to me. It would help to swap the 3rd & 4th sentences, maybe delete "Later that day" from the 1st sentence.

    1. Thanks Larry! I'm also never sure how they will end up. A part of it is from a news report I remember reading about a footballer (soccer player) who tore down his house to build a new one with a 3 storey fish tank in it.

      I think you might be right ;).

      Just edited it, I think with your suggestions it flows a lot better. Thanks!

  3. Hi Craig - how mystifying - a pregnant mermaid with red eyes! Reminiscent of the Salmon fishing in Yemen, but such a delicious piece of fantasy. Nice work!

    1. Thank you Brinda! Interesting times ahead for sure.

  4. Thankfully we don't have smell-o-scope on the telly's. The ending has a nice twist and turn of events.

    Congratulations on a year of Friday flash!

    1. Thank you Aidan, although just imagine, it could make cooking programs quite interesting...

      Thanks! Hopefully one of many to come.

  5. How did she get pregnant?! Well no not how, but who?

    Also in this snippet "then she stopped, paused and" stopped and paused seems repetitive to me.

    1. Did you spot notice the sound man's uneasiness? :)

      Thanks Sonia! Fixed it.

  6. Gave me a chuckle did this Craig. :)

    Only this is, I feel mermaids belong in the ocean, not in a tank, whenever did she get the privacy to get pregnant in the first place?
    And who's the daddy?

    1. Thanks Steve!

      I think so too. Although the mermaid is quite cunning and things may change soon...

      I think the sound man may have something do with it ;). I hear he sleep walks.

  7. I was wondering too how she got pregnant? I wonder if she will survive in a tank.

  8. Okay..who's been diving with the mermaid?? or is she like a sea horse? Happy to see Santos back too.. There's a great feel to this series.. I was reminded of Jaws for some reason..