Friday, 18 May 2012

Fifty Fourth Friday Flash: The Cat with the Golden Monocle

Things were going according to plan. Cat watched the screens in front of him. He purred deeply as the hero went from screen to screen. Cat's minions providing just enough resistance to not alert the hero. His assistant Purdy stroked his fur.

“Yes,” he arched his back.

A moment later the hero crashed through the ceiling, ceiling board and dust crashing everywhere. Bongo the Dog coughed and flailed at the dust.

“The nefarious Cat, I should have known you were behind this!”

“Aren't I always?”

“But why lead me here?”

“Catnip?” asked Cat. Purdy placed a silver tray before Bongo.

“I don't have time for games!” Bongo the bulldog barked.

“Suit yourself,” Cat adjusted his golden monocle and took some catnip. Cat shivered and shook his head. “Darn! That was good.”

“That's it! I'm taking you in.”

“Not so fast!” said Cat shaking a paw left to right. “Purdy, ball.”

Purdy took out a shiny red ball and squeezed it.

squeak squeak

“No! You're evil!”

Bongo barked, wagged his tail and jumped for the ball.

“Who's a cute little doggie then?” said Cat laughing. “Now fetch!”

Purdy opened a door to outside and threw the ball.

“I will get you for this,” barked Bongo running after the ball.

Cat rolled around on the floor laughing. “We sure showed him.”

“That you did,” said Purdy with a sigh.

“Don't sigh at me young lady," said Cat. "After the laser pointer incident of '09 I had to get him back.”


  1. All cats behave like supervillains. This is just the first to have his litter tossed. Cute work, Craig!

  2. The laser pointer incident! :) Lovely story.

  3. LOL! My cats are sinister. I just have to catch them in the act. One day I will...cause I know they are planning something big. :)

  4. Clever. If only all evil masterminds could be distracted by catnip. The squeaky ball was a perfect touch.

  5. Cats are indeed clever = I should know I have two, Bongo had no chance once that squeaky red ball appeared! Thanks for the laugh Craig ^_^

  6. Very cute story. And I love that picture too.

  7. Haha! Shades of 007 and Blofeld, only cuter. :)

    1. Thanks Steve! Maybe Bongo wasn't suave enough? :)

  8. Ha! Very funny indeed. Nice job, Craig.

  9. A very big like, from a doggie person

  10. Revenge for the monocle -- ha ha! Funny little story Craig, I almost expected the hero to be a guy but it was Bongo big bumbling old Bongo. Cats do look like self assured confident creatures don't they. That picture is awesome!