Friday, 25 May 2012

Fifty Fifth Friday Flash: The Office of Mayhem Evaluation

“It's just not good enough...” said the manager tapping his pen on the desk.

“But there's volcanoes, twisters and everything!”

The manager yawned. “Boring.”

“Okay, how about a giant monster?”

“Nah, so 1950s.”

The employee scratched his chin. “Aliens?”

His boss just rolled his eyes.


“You say zombies, you're fired.”

“I...I wasn' about if we ban caffeine and shut down the internet...”

The manager sat up straight, “Yes, this could work, just for a week, keep everyone on their toes, good job Johnson.”

“Does that mean I can get that promotion?”

“Ha ha no... it means you get to keep your job, now clear off!”

Johnson punched his leg and muttered. “I knew I should have gone with that flying shark idea!”


  1. Oh no! Not the Internet! Not coffee! Aaaaaahhhhh!!!

  2. Great picture and I like where you took this. Sometimes, we've become too jaded and the everyday things that will cause the real mayhem.

  3. I liked your story very much.

  4. What about a zombie giant monster?

  5. Nice one. I think putting everyone on a slow dial-up connection might be worse than shutting down the Internet completely. ;-)

  6. What kind of a boss is it that doesn't like zombies? I think I'd quit! :)

  7. That's my kind of apocalypse! *shudder*

  8. Flying sharks! Yay! Nice one, Craig. :-)

  9. Banning the internet and caffeine drips - not banning caffeine! - is a a much better idea.

  10. Great idea - well told

  11. I like the picture too Craig! This is a great short - neat idea. Kind of glad he did not go with the flying sharks..shudder..