Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Story Challenge #52

Micro story challenge #52: Using the comment section below write us a story inspired by this image (image via @squidsquirt and @grasscraig)

There are no limits and it's just for fun.


  1. He knew, if he was patient enough, that she would eventually take her clothes off. Little did he know how patient he would have to be!

    She knew, if she were patient enough, that he would become transfixed by sport on the TV, 24/7. She also knew that a constant supply of beer and crisps would make him yield to her charms and sign over all his worldly goods to her, without ever taking his eyes off the screen.

    And so it was.

    She teases him now and again, by performing a striptease, whilst he was still transfixed by the sport. It gives her a warm feeling as she stands between him and the screen, removing her clothes.

    The moral of this story is that television is the ruination of social intercourse.

  2. I love Frank, I really do. He's practically perfect by any measure. I'm comfortable with being totally myself around him, even just a bit naughty.

    And Frank is such a good listener, my dog doesn't listen to me the way Frank does. It's like he understands everything I tell him, and without so much as a breath lets me know that he supports me--but trusts me to find my own way.

    I love Frank so much, though I have to admit sometimes--only sometimes mind you--I wish I had some idea what he was thinking.

  3. I agree, very good David, but so is yours John :).

  4. Thanks for liking my story, just a random reaction I had to the image. In particular I like that you "Love the Frank story." Since that echoed the story in just the right way to really make me laugh.

    So thank you, I think yours is probably better by virtue of beer and crisps and her charms.