Monday, 5 December 2011

#Divinehell - Limbo

Rufus was beginning to regret turning away all those missionaries from his door, not as much as he regretted helping his drunk friend move a large fridge up some stairs, but almost.

The successfully lower limbo bars were lined up as far as he could see. Not that you would notice, each one was only an atom lower than the previous one. But he didn't have time to dawdle, the burning sensation that engulfed his body got worse the longer he lingered.

Most of all he wasn't looking forward to the one that was only one atom high.


  1. Limbo in Limbo. What's not to love?

  2. lol, nice one! you said you were going to, and you did write about a limbo dancer. with a twist!

  3. The one atom bar does sound like a tough one, but perhaps the fridge will give him an advantage getting there.
    Very fun interpretation of limbo, or rather synergy of limbo. Look forward to seeing what you do with the others.

  4. So does he get assistance to squeeze under the lowest limbo, like perhaps they send him to the suana until he's liquified enough to be pushed through? either way, loved the limbo in limbo thing. As obvious as that sounds I would've never thought of that

  5. Funny! A totally unexpected take on this, I love it.

  6. Oh dear, if he does make it under the bar that's one atom high does her have to start again?

    Poor fella, dying while helping a friend and under a fridge. Funny in a macabre way though.