Thursday, 8 December 2011

#Divinehell - Violence

Gertrude loved sales, and nothing annoyed her more than people who tried to stop her. Today there was a sale at her favourite shop Elegant Girl.

After pushing and shoving her way through the masses she spotted a gorgeous coat and ran for it, just missing it. Her rival held and caressed the coat. Raging, Gertrude slammed her trolley into the unsuspecting woman and ripped the coat away. There were gasps and shouts as other customers went to help the stricken woman

A smile plastered across face Gertrude went over to the checkout point with her new coat and other sales items.

Suddenly she felt very hot and flustered.

“Ma'am?” asked the checkout assistant.


Gertrude collapsed to the floor clutching her throat. Her blooding boiling as she burst into flames.



  1. Nice! Although I was on the side on Gertrude...

  2. That was the quickest serving of justice ever! A tad harsh though...

  3. HAHA! Sounds like Christmas shopping in the states:) LOL

  4. And that is why I'm nice all the time, you never know when you'll burst into flames.

    Good one :)

  5. Tsk! that's exactly why I never go shopping without my portable fire extinguisher...
    Neat twist, just in time for the holidays!

  6. What goes around comes around, at least from life to fiction. I admit some sanguine entertainment in dispatching such a violent shopper.

  7. I agree with Emilia. You never know.

    A very seasonal representation of Violence though, so I do approve.