Tuesday, 6 December 2011

#Divinehell - Heresy

Jonas should have just left when he saw the salesman was dressed up as a priest, they gave him the creeps at the best of times, but they were having a 75% off sale, how could he refuse?

“Welcome to the Sixth Circle,” said the man in black rubbing his hands together.

“Sixth Circle?”

“All our jacuzzis are round...”

“Ah, can you point me to your best one?”

“Right this way, care to try it out?”

Jonas wasn't in a hurry. “Try before you buy as they say...”

Jonas stripped to his boxers and jumped in. Within moments the water was boiling. He tried to get out, but the priest slammed the lid shut on him before he could, laughing as he did so.


  1. Using the wondrous jacuzzi to murder someone? Definitely Heresy.

  2. Lol, forever trapped in a jacuzzi. Can't wait to see your take on the other circles.

  3. Creepy, yet somehow appropriate. The main character's aversion to priests nicely sets up the possibility that he is a heretic and maybe this is some twisted form of divine justice.

    That and modernizing flaming tombs into jacuzzis is just sort of cool.

  4. I have a fear of drowning and being buried alive. You just managed to make me swear of jacuzzis.

    I also like the modernisation of flaming tombs that you did.