Thursday, 22 March 2012

Forty Seventh Friday Flash: Penguin and Bear

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Bear searched high and low, but penguin was nowhere to be seen.

From the edge of all he knew to the other side of everywhere else he walked and walked, searching, but his black and white feathered friend was nowhere to be seen.

Many times he went back to where they first met, a river. He had been in one of his foul moods, slumped on a park bench when she came across him. At first he wondered what she had wanted, but they soon got talking and she brightened up his day. For weeks they met at the same spot, going up and down the river talking about anything and everything.

Every moment was precious, their senses heightened, everything just feeling that little better than normal. Others thought they were a strange pair, but they didn't care. Their bond meant more than little differences.

Then one day she didn't show up. He thought maybe she was just late, but after waiting the whole of the rest of the day he realized something was wrong. The next day he got there earlier than usual, hoping that maybe there was a note or some sign of her, but still nothing. Fearing that she was in danger he began his search.

He thought back on the day before she left, she hadn't acted any differently, maybe she knew she had to leave and didn't want to spoil their last moments together by having to say goodbye.

For years and years he didn't give up hope. Hoping maybe she would remember the good times they had and return.

Everyone he asked shook their head when he asked of her. Had she been a ghost? Someone his depressed mind had made up to cheer him up? Would he only ever see her in his dreams. Her smile and voice haunting him forever?

World weary and with a heavy heart he returned to the bench where it all started. His old tired bones pleading for him to rest. He dropped down on the bench and watched as the sun set. Vowing to never leave the spot until he heard news of his long lost penguin.


  1. Oh Penguin come back, Bear needs you! A sweet but sad tale...

  2. A sad story. Maybe the penguin will come back.

  3. Very cute work, Craig. Won me over quickly with the line "From the edge of all he knew to the other side of everywhere else" - I read "everywhere else" as a subject, which was highly endearing. I hope I read it correctly. You managed to make me actually sad for the fantastic little toy in such a short period, which is darned impressive work.

  4. Nice one - love the photo too

  5. Aw, poor bear, he could do with something to take his mind off the situation, like maybe a lady bear?

  6. I love the photo too - did the photo start it all? Craig - this is sweet, made me smile and hope poor bear is picked up from that bench soon!

  7. I really like the "From the edge of all he knew to the other side of everywhere else" line too. This has a Winnie the Pooh feel about it.

  8. Thanks Helen and Larry: I hope so too! (Helen hopefully the subscribe by email is fixed?)

    @John Thank you! Glad the line worked and that it came off as cute. Was worried maybe the bear was obsessing about the penguin a bit too much.

    @Gail thank you! Google image search can be so handy sometimes. I linked to the person who took the photo. They haven't replied yet, but they did have a free to use licence on the photo.

    @Steve Not a bad idea! Although I think it will be quite a while before he gets over the penguin.

    @Brinda I found the photo to match the story :). Thought it was an almost perfect match. I hope so too!

    @Tim thank you! My favourite line of the story too. I was a big Winnie the Pooh fan when younger, still can be in the right mood. Lots of life lessons can be learnt from that golden bear and his friends.

    @Sonia thank you!