Friday, 14 March 2014

Eighty Fifth Friday Flash: Closer to the Sun


Blinded by the sunset, quarters in my pocket, wind in my hair and wonder in my heart. 

Distance keeps away but inside we are together. Fear has no purchase here, every attempt denied. 

To touch is to feel and to feel is to touch. That's why I care about you so much. 

The horizon it will come. Every step closer to the sun. 

Magnetic are my thoughts, to you I am always pulled.


  1. Beautiful. Something from the heart?

  2. I like this - the absence of fear is powerful, your safe place. What a great space to be in with the one you love

  3. That's lovely, it conveys that strong feeling of love for another.

  4. Quite beautiful, I don't think I've ever read anything poetically touching like this before on your blog, Craig

  5. You don't play music, do you? This feels like it wants to be a song. Lovely stuff.

  6. Very nice. A great depth to this, and it flows like fine poetry. You did a great job with this piece, and thanks for sharing with us