Friday, 14 November 2008

The Stonegarden Site has been upgraded


Just wanted to let everyone know the Stonegarden site has been been upgraded. It looks very stylish and fresh and what's more there are some featured titles on sale!

Here they are:

A Stabbing for Sadie
by Wednesday Lee Friday
50% only $5.48!
A sometimes terrifying, often intriguing, and always thought provoking glimpse into the mind of Sadie, a victim of child abuse, drugs, and the vagaries of fate as she sinks into mental illness and battles her own special kind of demons. A Stabbing for Sadie is a wonderful journey through the twisted mind of a casualty of abuse, who lives with her own monsters, and fights to survive every day. It delves into notions and nightmares that haunt this strong and sometimes funny woman as she copes with false accusations and true horrors. This is a riveting, edge of your seat thriller as told from the other side. A Stabbing for Sadie will leave you breathless...wondering what you would do...and wondering what’s on the mind of the person standing next to you...

Building a Better Monster
by Christopher Treagus
50% only $5.48!

Building A Better Monster" explores the creation of the modern age's most recent monster myth: The Chupacabra. This novella imagines what would occur if enough people collectively began to believe in something, would it make it true? From the early stages of its beginning as a grass roots folktale, "Building A Better Monster" follows the spread of the rumor of the Chupacabra, the goat-sucker, blamed for slaughter of countless animals through Mexico and the American South-west.

In 1996 the Chupacabra scare ravaged all of Mexico. The 'goat-sucker' was claimed to be responsible for everything from any live stock death, even to human murders. It was all based upon a hoax, until people started to believe. The title novella of this collection examines what happens when that belief becomes strong enough to make the creature real... Also included are the stories "Cat's Eye," "Two Is Not Enough," "Fearstricken," "In the Heart of the Forest," "What Price To Be A God," "Skin Walker, or The Embrace Of Blood," "After The Fall," and "When Angels Weep." These short stories were published in print and online between 2003 and 2004 at web sites such as, Night Shopping, and The Swamp. Also featured are the rare first stories read on the Sonoma State University Radio program "Wings of Desire" in 1992, prior to the publication of Treagus' debut novel, "The Hunting Sorrow" in 1995.

Blood and Rain
by B.L. Morgan
Also 50% off $6.48

When walking on the dark side it is important to remember your way home…unless you are private investigator, John Dark, who makes his home far from the light.

In the drug infested streets of East St. Louis, alcoholic John Dark gets the cases deemed too dirty for the cops to touch. Battling grime with grime, Dark does his job without a touch of class and sans any emotion, until….

When his cases get weirder, and darker, John Dark finds enough heart to save the day, save the girl, and just maybe find his way home again.

This exciting detective story by Bob Morgan will pull you into the depthless shadows of the crime-ridden streets, and into the horrific cases of John Dark.

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