Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Facebook Events for Stonegarden Releases

Some more Facebook events for Stonegarden releases:

Pillars of War by Donovan Galway

The Deconstruction of Beatrice Gray by Richard Logsdon

Dragging Wings by Jennifer Caress

Bad Movies by Peter Joseph Swanson

Remember invite all your friends Grin

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  1. Hi, my name is Rupert. I am working on a new Sci-fi project called Kirill, in conjunction with Microsoft MSN and Digital Studios (a little digital studio part of Endemol UK). We would really like your opinion and feedback on the project so far.

    Why you? Because I have trawled the internet looking for people who we would want to be ‘the audience’ of Kirill, and we think you may well be one of those people
    Here is the link to the video introducing the whole concept and explaining a little more:

    Please email me back and I’ll send you more info.

    Kind Regards,