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I thought I would let you guys know about a fellow stonegarden author's book. It has got some really good reviews so far.



A small sample:

The clearing was dark. The sun had taken its last yawn at the sky and nestled beyond the horizon to the west, while the larger of the two moons, Redwyn the Giant, rose stiffly from his slumber in the east and cast a ruby hue over the night. Whilema would soon slip from the waves of the Ethosian Sea and try to drown her brother’s light. Though a great deal smaller, the moon was several times more brilliant. Their battle for the dominion of the night would begin. Neither moon was full that night, allowing the milliard of stars to litter the sky like a thrown handful of magic dust. A night fowl shrieked, a rodent screamed and then all was very still. Trenara faced the east with Andelian held high in her steady hands. She closed her eyes and a barely audible chant chimed on the air quietly, the crystal rod beginning to take on an almost imperceptible glow. A single exquisite musical note came from her throat, low, resonating, and perfect. There was a sudden hiss of wind that whipped the guider’s robes around her and then a blaze of white radiance that flashed through the glade and settled into a frosty glow about the guider’s tall form. She took a deep breath to ease the tension in her limbs and then sang another high note that floated a long time on the air. It focused the swirling light until she glowed like a white flame. Ecstasy enfolded her face as the power took hold and a radiant smile chased the age and wrinkles away, leaving not a woman, but an ethereal spirit, a shining goddess. When she lowered her eyes to Joshan, they glowed with white-hot fire that painted the young boy’s face with awe.

"...this is one powerful and imaginative fantasy adventure novel, with many nice touches...clearly...a larger framework for your should do well. I will comment further in my October HiPiers column..." Piers Anthony

COMING OUT FOR PRE-ORDER IN OCTOBER 2008 - STARSIGHT will be coming out for general release in March 2008 - Visit or for updates and news.

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  1. Congratulations on your forthcoming book. I trust you will continue to sink your teeth into your passions and realize what matters most.