Thursday, 23 January 2014

The Boy from Sweden (Release date and synopsis)

Hi all,

After a long break I will be releasing some new fiction. A new novella called The Boy from Sweden. The release date will be on February the 24th. It will be released through Smashwords and it will go live on Amazon and other sites soon after. 

Expecting an experience of a lifetime Gunter gets more than he ever imagined when he arrives in South Africa as an exchange student. Being badly injured in the crossfire of a hijacking, considering the circumstances he decides to stay against his parents' wishes. Creating a perfect life there, a tight bond with his host family, new friendships and falling in love with a girl. All of a sudden his perfect life takes a new direction, where those tight bonds will be pushed to the limits. An adventure that will take you on a journey where your values of love, friendship, compassion and forgiveness will be challenged.


  1. Hey hey, new Craig! What's the genre? Sounds like literary.

  2. Congratulations on finishing, Craig! I'm also curious if you wrote this for a genre, or if it's just its own piece of work. Sounds like it has a lot of promise.