Friday, 31 May 2013

Seventy-Ninth Friday Flash: Cylinder

It was a busy morning. The rains of the last few weeks had finally stopped. Everyone was doing their best to cram as much work into the dry time as possible. Toby and Don were digging the foundations. Toby by the dig site and Don behind the controls.

“Just a bit deeper now,” said Toby over their two way radio.

“Right, oh.”

The head of the digging arm went deeper into the rich soil, bringing up bits of rock at the same time. Don took a few more sizable chunks out of the earth before there was a loud clanging noise.

“Whao! We've hit something.”

“And we were making such progress.”

“I know, I hope we don't have to call in the boffins. The last thing we need is an archeological dig.”

“Let me dig around it to see what we have.”

Don was surprisingly adept with the large machine. Within in a few minutes half it was unearthed. It seemed to be a cylinder.

Don joined Toby be the edge of the site. “Do think it's a bomb?”

“Nah, look there's a window in the side of it. Maybe it's one of those time capsules.”

“Quick, let's check it out before the others notice. Might be something valuable in it,” said Don rubbing his hands together.

“Haha, I doubt it, but let's go look.”

Don was the first to crouch down and get eye level with the window. He let out a yelp and scrambled backwards bring down loose dirt on top of him.

“What is it?”

“There... there's someone in it.”


“Look for yourself.”

Toby tentatively went down, he had never seen Don shocked before, but maybe it was part of an act to scare him. Toby cleared away some more of the dirt and leaned down to have a look. Sure enough a man with bright eyes waved at him.

“Holy moly!”

“What should we do?”
“We have to get him out. Can't just leave him in there.”

By the time the cylinder was pulled out and placed on level ground there was quite a crowd gathering. The man seemed to be happy and cheery. The most miraculous part was that he seemed to be healthy. There was a long and thin hatchway that included the window. People had tried, but it wouldn't open.

Local media had gathered and some said the military were on their way. There was a loud hissing sound and the hatchway opened.

The main wearing only the most modest of clothing stepped out.

“Who are you?” asked Don, stepping forward, he felt that it was his discovery and wanted to make sure people remembered that.

“I am Adam. Part of the next of wave colonization. Where is my Eve?”

Everyone looked to each other speechless.

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  1. Okay, Adam. Just let me borrow one of your ribs for a minute.