Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Story Challenge #46

I've been posting picture prompts on a FB page (SA Writers) of mine for quite sometime. And sometimes I post a link on Twitter and since quite a few people don't use FB I thought I would start posting them here too so more people can join in.

It's just for fun.

Anyway here's the latest entry. Think something light-hearted.


  1. Caroline had been a dressmaker for over 18years, and this was a fisrt for her. She could hardly believe it, such a good job she thought. She was curious and had to see it for herself. Stephanie's(formely known as Stephen)husband to be will never be able to tell. Caroline smiled and thought ah just another 'bride to be' secret she would have to keep.

  2. She felt her heart sinking lower than the hem of her dress. The only thing missing from this shotgun wedding were the actual rifles. Cammy sighed as she thought about the bizarro situation. She didn’t want to be married, especially not to Duncan. He had been an experiment for fuck's sake!

    Aparently she had lost all say in the situation when Duncan's very religious parents found her in bed with him, and then told her very religious parents.

    Words were had, caterers were hired, and that is how she found herself in this candy-spun nightmare of a dress. She would make an honest man of him yet, whether she liked it or not.