Wednesday, 20 July 2011

A Review of Shadows by Joan De La Haye

Shadows by Joan De La Haye

I'm one of those horror fans who has watched quite a number of horror movies but hasn't read that many horror novels, so Shadows was some what of a treat for me. And I wasn't disappointed. It was a thrill ride; a dark twisted thrill ride that seemed to have no brakes. It exposes the darkest of human nature, but it does it in such a way that makes it believable that people would actually think these things. And I'm sure many people have and worse.

Sarah is having a rough time, her father just committed suicide, her mother has fallen to pieces, her sister seems to be handling it a little too well and her boyfriend Kevin seems to be distracted and even more distant than usual. Then it gets even worse when her tormentor materializes. A shadowy figure with yellow teeth and scary eyes that is willing to do anything to push her over the edge. Of course she is the only one able to see him, which is a good thing! You would never want to cross paths with him.

Once I was into to the book it took me a couple of days to finish it. Which is quite good for me. Normally takes me a couple of weeks to read a book.

Just one thing if you get the book. Don't read the back, get into reading it straightaway. It's a habit of mine. Less spoilers that way. It adds to the mystery and makes it more entertaining if you ask me.

Overall I highly recommend this to horror fans, but if you're a bit of a softie it would maybe best for to read it during the day. Some of the scenes might be a bit hard for you to stomach. Not that it should stop you from reading it. That's what a good horror novel is supposed to do right? Make you feel uncomfortable. Sleep with the lights on so to speak.

You know what scares me the most? I've met Joan. She's a sweet and caring person and it's hard to see where the all the darkness in the characters comes from. It just goes to show you that there is always more to a person than meets the eye! And if you ask me the world would be a duller place if it wasn't true. I can't wait to see what she comes up with for her next novel.

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  1. Awww! Thanks Craig! So glad you enjoyed the book.

  2. It's cool that you've met her. I think having met the author tends to give it a slightly different reading.

  3. A pleasure Joan!

    I fully agree Alice. Which authors have you met and done reviews for?