Thursday, 19 June 2008

Nabuzzicharr by C.J. Caron


Just like to let everyone know about another release coming from Stonegarden... It's by writer C.J. Caron and it looks like it is going to be one gripping read!

Thank you,
Craig Smith

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There was something terribly wrong with this investigation and Daniel Boardman knew it. Daniel was director of the Center for Paranormal Activity, Massachusetts Chapter for many years. Encountering poltergeists, hearing disembodied voices, eerie footsteps coming down the stairs and even ghostly figures floating unaided, had become routine for he and his experienced crew. They documented the phenomenon with a scientific precision, photographed or recorded the events in detail, and analyzed the data as a matter of routine.

But there was nothing routine about this case. For the first time in his career, Daniel felt real terror. Real Fear. They had unleashed something into the world that they couldn't put back and it had taken one of their own; Daniel's best friend. Calling on help from an old expert in the field of demonology, they have no choice but to use every skill they posess to stop the murdering entity known as Nabuzzicharr before it grows too strong and destroys everything.

But how many lives will it cost them?

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