Friday, 18 January 2008

Stonegarden on Facebook and update on progress


I think I might have mentioned this before but I thought I would update everyone. I started a group for my publisher Stonegarden on Facebook. And it has grown quite a lot recently up to 51 members now. Not too many but only really just started telling people about it. So if you are on Facebook or not on Facebook but want to give it a go please feel free to stop by and join. All are welcome! A few discussions have started and it would be great for more people to join in.

And a little update on progress. Started doing a new edit for the book. Just to streamline things a little and make it a little more enjoyable :). Almost half way and picking up speed. And I'm also working on the second book. Which to be honest is going to be better than the first!

And if you are a member of a group on Facebook or anywhere else; I or anyone else would be interested in joining. Feel free to post about it here.


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