Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Finally have a copy of The Red Stone in my hands!!


I'm really happy to report that I have a copy of my book in my hands! They came in yesterday. And I have to see that it looks even better than I had hoped. It looks really cool and the red cover certainly makes it stand out!

You're most probably wondering why I only have a copy of the book now. Seeing as though I'm the one who wrote it! It was published in the USA and I'm in the UK and as you most likely know post isn't very fast sometimes.

I've up loaded a pic so you guys can see what a real copy looks like :-).

Thanks to all the people who have visited my blog and made comments. But don't worry I will be posting more!

The Best place to buy my book:http://www.booksprice.com/comparePrice.do?l=y&searchType=compare&inputData=1600760368



  1. You must feel so satisfied to see your work published and in your own hands! I pray all goes well for you!
    - Jo

  2. Wow, this one looks good! That is a nice looking cover too.

    I have considered the idea of writing a fiction novel before, but I'm not sure that I would have enough time for it without disrupting the course of my current blog. However, if I become successful enough in future years to be able to outsource or put aside some of the current workload, I might give it a shot.

    The idea of having one's own book published in print and available in the bookstores must be an exhilarating feeling!