Sunday, 30 September 2007

I've started to submit my short stories again

After almost a year I've started to submit my short stories again. The first one I sent is Werewolf Night. A short comedy/horror story with werewolves and zombies to Mr. Rabbit a sort of golden era sf story with body swapping to And finally Whale Watchers weird/adventure story to Tales of the Talisman

Wish me luck!

Saturday, 29 September 2007

Hollywood Sinners by Peter Joseph Swanson

Here's a Novel by a fellow Stonegarden author I would like to share with everyone. I plan to buy my self a copy soon!

Karin Panotchitch, raised on a sheep farm and married off to a drunken loser, finds her way to 1939 Hollywood at the tender age of sixteen. Along the way to stardom, she meets up with Ramon Classic, who with his many brothers is ready for a hostile takeover of MGM, Mama Gravy, the colorful and opinionated lesbian proprietor of the run-down Gold Rush dance hall (brothel), and Sister Agatha, the mysterious nun who seems to turn up every time Karin rides the trolley.

Hollywood history, flying bullets, and big dreams make for a lively story about what happens when a sheep farmer's daughter tries to make her dreams come true.

Book One of the Tinseltown Trilogy.

Sunday, 23 September 2007

The Red Stone by Craig Smith

Hi here's a short summary of my fantasy novel the The Red Stone which is going to be released by on the 15th of November.

Here's a link if you want to check it out.

Tennen's life had been rather uneventful under the servitude of Freil the tavern keeper. The tavern was his life and he didn't know of or remember of much else. All this was changed when he was visited by a mysterious crow and given a rather remarkable red gem. From that very moment his life was thrust into a new direction. It was a new path of adventure, excitement, new joy, danger and deathly peril. Very much different to his mundane life of before. And before very long Tennen was thrown into the conflict between Count Errgol and his unending desire to take over Elfwood, and its unrivalled wealth of resources.

Tennen doubted if he would be of much use in such a thing as a full out war. He was just a tavern boy, but his attitude soon changed as he started to be trained by Rimotar a wizard of Melin. Tennen was very unskilled and had a lot to learn from the second highest ranked wizard in the whole of Melin. On their way towards the city of Ramchester the capital of Melin they meet up with Lady Loreria the ambassador of Elfwood. She has been sent by the king of Elfwood to get as much support as she can from Melin. It was a war that threatened to overflow into Melin if it was not stopped quickly. Tennen wasn't too sure how he was going to be able to help, but this didn’t matter to him, Melin was his country too and he wasn’t going to let it be attacked. Tennen wasn’t sure if he could survive a war but he did know that his life would never be the same again.